Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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susah bila semua kita ingat dah ok..turned out x
okay..no even close..not even at all..jijie pun
ingat im in hiatus..i was and will always be..
maybe it might take a lo0ong time..kawan sendiri
siotz..sape sangka kan?but thats' reality..maybe
u were not potential enough..so..let it be..

else..i AM going crayzee!! got 2 labs to do..2
freaking tests coming up and earth is spinning at
its full speed!!crayzee enough..?i have not started
anything!!! hell!!my life is not at the best part..
but yupe..im doing OK i guess..hmm..anyway..check
this out!!me going crayzee at nite..with my cancer
teddy bear..haha..ni tengah giler study la ni..xde
keje..gadoh ngan teddy bear..main gigit2..kuikuikui

hiatus no more..?~*(?__?)

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