Wednesday, August 31, 2005

dis time,my post kaler bendera malaysia..hehe..kewl x?
alhamdulillah..its been 48 years now that malaysia had
gained its independent..its really nice to know that
ur living in a safe and peace country..looking at
those other islam countries yang belum merdeka..rasa
kesian giler and as a muslim it is really sad to see
all this evilness..but what is left 2 do is just pray...

last nite i thot i wanna go and study my java at
siew ping's retest tomorrow..but er...end up..
i hanged out at siti's room..watched tv and played
computer games!!so much of a studying java term huh?;p
so waited till siew ping got back from the celebration
in dataran putra..and it was already 1am by then..and

pojoe called plak..heheh..borak2..and then like x
realized pun its already then siew ping
had already yawned for more than 3
i think she's already feeling sleepy..kesian plak
seeing her like i tak paksa la her to teach me
coz i was feeling sleepy up..we just headed
straight to bed..(>__<)teruk kan?!!tak study pun~*

so today i hafta struggle more..if not i dont think i
can score for tomorrow's test..wish me luck,aite..well..
ALLAH BLESS YOU!! (^3^) mmuahsss!!!

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