Monday, August 15, 2005 was a very2 stressful week la weyh!!i got 3
tests coming up this week..baru start sket..tu pun
bodoh2 jer..huhuh..takpe2..erin hustler!!!(^__-)v

hmm..esok nak jumpa nuren!!she nak turun KL!!can't wait
to gossip with her..heheh..and yupe..i met this one
guy..cute..denise!!sila la..u dah tengok muka mamat
tuh..comel,kan?!!hahah..tapi PEOPLE..its only for
temporarily..sebab saje cuci mata..hehe..but yeah..
lately cam takde plak dia kat sini..pelik..rindu(?_?)

semalam pojoe called..huhuh..wat a small world,huh,pojoe?
hehehe..cian dier..takpe2..chaiyok!!!at least ada
gak cite menarik for me to dengar..(^__-)v nanti balik..
er dalam masa 'sebulan'..better ada cerita menarik
lagi okies?;p

well..nothing much..met abg pian and family and er..
im getting ok with jizu..i think i can live with it la
after all...she is my fren..i dont want to hold grudge
against no use ok jerla..the
feelings...its still there some
work to gotta STUDY!!!! m(T_T)m

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