Tuesday, August 02, 2005

well..its almost a week..not really but things
happened cepat betul..and guess wat?!!jana's
coming back today!! hmm...cepat betul 1 year berlalu,
huh?well..its kinda weird dat if i cakap macam
ni..people will question me the frenemies issues
plak..but better tell u wat..at times...there
are people whom u hated so0o..much..but deep
down inside..they're the one u'll turn onto when
ur in need..ok..ignore about the issues..hehe..
so i was doing this java programming and my head
been aching as hell..hmm..not good enough to be a
good programmer yet,huh?pergh!!i hate this..but
i somehow hafta get thru dis..

so..u know wat?i had dis one nice dream..heheh..
yupe!its about azu..and it was s0oo..nice..its
like the situation where i was about to gave up
on him..and he'll be there to comfort me..i wish
it was true!!wahh!!!SHIAWASE!!\(^0^)/ hmm...at
times rasa cam dah give up..no turning back..
yeah..right..!!haha if pojoe read this..i bet he
will go and said.."tak abis2 minah ni..cam takde
orang lain.."ahaks..i dunno la..he might said dat
la..well..at times cam terpikir..its not easy to
find someone u really like and fell for them..
well..crushes come and go..lepas tu takde dah..
but this *thing* i had wif azu..i just feel the
*thing*..its been there..i can feel it but i cant
see it...i dunno how..but Allah knows..

so..its either move on or just stay where ever
i am..i rather choose..stand still......

*clock stop ticking but everything's faster-OAG

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