Friday, July 01, 2005

skarang dah malas nak blogging..haha..dah leceh and yeap..
takde benda nak cite sangat..hehe but pretty much nak get
connected kena ada internet..which i have to wait till
balik kolej so dat nanti leh guna internet..nak sambungler..
leceh if takde..member2 semua duk overseas..guna tenet..haha..
well..hmmm..pretty much..nothing to talk about pun..tapi if
internet ada..ada je benda nak yeah...

oh yeah!btw,dat day was lela's bday..we went to her house and
suprise her!!she was shocked and not sure if she cried..
hahah..but yeah!!it was really nice..hope she liked it...and
then we just hang aroun for a while and then we hafta head
home since shila and fiza got something else to then i
teman her shopped for some stuffs for her
hehehe..reminds me of zahid ..hikhik..and then i headed home..
sorry got sesat few times..haha)

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