Monday, July 18, 2005

its my second week in in for this new sem
la..goodness!!its my second week already..well,i did have
a good week last week..(^__-)v went back home and watched
fantastic 4 TWICE!! first nak tengok ngan lela..
but then dat friday nite gak abang ajak tengok late nite was nice and yupe johnny..u ARE HOT!!

and then the next day..went out wif lel and her cousins..
heheh..full house..and we met azz for was great
azz..dah lama tak borak ngan u..and yupe!as usual..AZZ's
looking great..(^__^)and then we chatted until before movie..
and the shitty part is dat we get these stupid tix mixed up
and yupe me and lel sat on other people's seats..neymind la
hoh? (^__-)v

anyway..its been a whiel..talked to him on the net..its
kinda odd now..since after the 'cutting finger' thing..i
thot i can move on..but then..hmm..Allah only know how i
miss him a LOT!!hmm..ok..its kinda hard to explain coz i
dont want to complicate,wat is there to
explain of something which never existed pun..SEE!!its
complicated..anyway,lets just say..i talked to him..and
i know how much i miss him..(T___T)*tsk*tsk*

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