Wednesday, July 27, 2005

pictures here : gathering was fun!!its been a while now..well,more
or less like aroun 3 days..haha!well,we had some
sorta gathering last daves deli in mid was great!! its like nak pecah the whole
place when we all gelak and sakat menyakat..(^__-)v

there were me,lela,azz,denise,faranad,jelot,malino,
sherot,jijie,eija,jid and madine..well..well..u can
see semua dah cantik2..heheh..excluding me please ;p
and yupe!semua dah makin slim..of coz!! we had good
laughs and we're just s0oo..SSPIANS..hahah..we makan
and then we talked and then we makan again..and the we
dah takde benda nak makan,we talked AGAIN..heheh..jid
as always picking on me (more like Im the one yang
picked on her;p) and then azz..hmm...wat shall i say
about u azz..ur QUEEN of CONCIOUS!!mana taknyer..
every time nak ambik gamba..she will be like.."aku
ok tak?"and me,as usual..minah macam ni tidak boleh we all end up..picking on each
other and yupe!!it makes me miss all those years we had
in SSP..all those naughty ones.. denise..who turns out to be one of the ahli
umno overseas (she was the only one wearing baju kurung
on dat day!!)*so much of a perempuan melayu terakhir*gags*
and gg..all dressed up where she used to be this 'comot
jijie' back then in skool..and malino..kaki jerit cheer
ruby,so bila cakap pun ada ciri2 cheerleader..heheh..(if
ur reading this,jangan marah aa...(^__-)v and lel and
madine as minah from jakarta (panggil jakarta
la stylo sket..compared to minah indon..heheh) faranad..
miss arab from msia..hehe..wif her darken eyes..pergh!!
and there's pemalu buat2 malu..heheh..

and ija!!goodness!!minah ni..dahla tinggi..makin kurus model pun boleh..and there's jelot..wit her
cool phone..heheh..minah ni..unpredictable..teringat we
used to call her spastic masa skola..but hey!!she lived
with it..and now she's in ireland lagi..hahah..power
minah ni!sums up..we had a great time there!!and yeah..
to0 bad there's no fiza and shila..if not lagi best..
gamat la sket!(^__^)/ and yeah..hope dat one day we can
all gather the ssp 9701..mesti ya all!!mmmuahss!!

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