Thursday, July 07, 2005

same happens's already 7th of july..hmm..
nothing much happened..did i tell you dat i met yoko chang..
yupe!the one dat i went to shiga ken was fun meeting
them as in sofia and her friends..we went to klia to send off
the japanese..we hanged out for a while at klia..and had some was REALLY great..being around them..makes me feel
like i'm back in japan...yes people...i really..really misses
japan..A LOT!! anyway..there's nothing dat i can do..neeways..
hmm..iim going back to college this sunday..GAWD!! i am s0oo..
NOT looking forward to go there..hahah..but yeah..i do miss my
frenz though..and gosh!! i heard dat jess is expexting her baby
this august!!!isnt it a shock?!!i mean when i was in japan,she's
married..and now when im back..she's pregnant!!gosh!!time DO
move fast!!scarry!!! going out with aishah tomorrow..i dunno where yet..
but i surely gonna hang out and have fun!!hehehe..cant wait
to gossip around..neeways,i surely cant believe dat im going
to continue my new semester with juniors!!HELP!!!!well..dats
the truth so im just gonna hafta face it then huh?well..later~*

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