Tuesday, July 26, 2005

hye!!hmm..just got this idea of a one damn nice song..
i just lurve gwen!!she's COOL!!for a rock+pop attitude
gal..plus she's super kawaii!! and not to deny..she's
super slim!!hehehe..

anyways..last saturday i went 4 some sorta ssp gathering..
its really nice to meet everyone..besides azz..heheh..well..
i had written down the blog but forgot to bring it along
today..coz there's pictures and all...neymind la..i will
upload it later,k (^__^)

today i feel great..dunno why..but just think dat i am so0o
relieved to know that we're cool..talked to fuzzy..and hell
yeah..i miss those time we had and chat and lepak*at times*
well..i can say dat i miss all those days..but now is NOW..
moving on (^__-)v

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