Thursday, July 21, 2005

haritu jumpa azz and lela!!best!!heheh..its like gals
day out la plak..but yeah..we talked a LOT!!from a topic
to usual..banyak cakap..hehehe..
no offends arr azz..but nice la..and AZZ!!hello?!!u pun
kurus!!sila!! and lela baru trim her hair..amcam?ok tak?
(^__-)v we ate A LOT!! ingatkan azz tak abis makan..but
turned out she abis compared to me..heheh..

and then she hafta and lel and the konco2..*gags*
went to watch the fantastic four..nice la..the fact dat i
watched twice already..hehe..and then went to buy some
stuffs and head was a great day..lifted up (^__^)/

and yupe..i did sumting stoopid..i confessed to jimmy..
0o(>__<)o0 and it was the most humiliating thing i ever
did..but lela was right at least i wont be thinking of
'what if' after dat..well..although the truth was hard to
accept..but i feel much better now..*finger crossed*

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