Tuesday, July 12, 2005

11th july!!yupe!its already my first day of class...?hihi..
NOT!!i didnt go to class at ALL!today i met siew ping and
siti!!it was great!feels like home..and we went to the admin
and settle some stuffs and yupe!we then went back to the fact.
they have class..as for me..i went and register my subjects
and lucky me i CAN register all m subjects..(^__-)v anyway,about
my room..i got the same room..but i got the back bed..its way at
the back of the room but hey!i got the plug place..easy for me to
use the electrical appliances..heheh..wat else is new..?

hmm..owh yeah!!i forgot to bring all my stuffs like scarves and
some of my pants!! damn!!and im left with a piece of baju which
i can only wear on either monday,wednesday or friday..since
most of my classes requires me to dress up according to the
right dressing code..damn!!the rest is history....

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