Thursday, June 30, 2005

so..anyway..i'd stopped working at genki was ok...
but hell the salary sucks!!seriously..after this i dont wanna
work there!!worst place ever!!sorry but yeah..i better get my
food there but not my salary.<<_____<)o>>>goodness!!sucks
BIG time!!

well..anyway..i had a great time there though.alex!!my AIREN!!
he had always been the most fun one..always makes the lawaks..
hehe..well,as well as leong *wink*wink*,nicky,lisa,elaine,and
the lovey dovey;ying ning and william,yuji,seng and yung.and
all the akaks there..hmm..although they were quite ayashi at
the kitchen when there's a man aroun..hmm..well..sums up...the
frens are all awesome!!if not for them..being nice and all..i
had stopped earlier..hahaha..well..ok week dah nak
masuk uni balik..DAMN!! i wonder hows it gonna be..(T_T) tsktsk..~*

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