Tuesday, April 12, 2005

owh..i am so0oo..in love with sakura!!!it is s0oo..pretty!!!
i saw my first sakura in kyoto and it was not as pretty as
in tokyo..anyways..right after i arrived in tokyo..i met up
elena and we went to a place*which costed all of my $$* btw
we hafta waited for the bus..so we went for hanami..hehe..it
was kinda natural..i like the way it went..and then there's
this cute lil bird sitting just right above our head and rite
there and then i realized..i am s0o lucky to be here in japan..
its really nice..looking at the sakura..which had always been
my dream..wanted to see the sakura with my own eyes..to BE
here in japan..goodness!!looking at the sakuras..makes me feel..

btw,went for hanami with my crowd lst saturday..like abg walid n
k.yan,k.ida and abg hiraman,abg nazmi and k.nadiah and her frenz
and there's che and abg sanie and abg ahmad,k.hawa and me!but no
no sign of azouk..damn!but u know wat..its damn nice!!we went to
shinjuku gyoen and the place is like so crowded!however,i DID
manage to see enjoy my hanami..it was great!!and today..which is
yesterday since i havent slept til now..*wink*wink* i went for a
hangout with mitch..he is so nice..and comfortable..hehe..we went
for a nan and he brought me to the most beautiful place i've never
been..and there's sakura all over the place!!!and the falling petals
are like snow!!!omigod!!i almost cried..but i was hanging on since
mitch was there..but yeah..it was damn captivating!!btw,dont get
me wrong..mitch is my japanese teacher..haha!and well it was raining
a bit but the view..damn!im lucky!wishing azouk was there~*

however..i AM lucky..am i?(^____^)

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my hanami : HERE

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