Friday, April 08, 2005 back in tokyo..but i miss my precious
moments in kyoto!!!i had a great time ryoko with sofia..
yupe..we went to kyoto,nara and osaka!!it was GREAT!!!
and not to forget the kyoto!!!thanks!!mmuahss
(^3^)omigod!!its the best experience ever in my life!! there's too0oo many things to tell and yeah plus
all those st0opid things we did yupe!!im gonna
make my roadtrip blog..well not really a blog coz its
not gonna be dat long..hahah..justa 6 days trip..(^__-)v

gosh!i sure did have a great time!!thanx to sofia and dila
for making my roadtrip **precious** a bit
tired after 6 days of walking around and not to forget a
one whole day standing and waiting turns for rides in
universal studio..but its WORTH it!!so i better go crash
and just relax...(^_____^)

wanna see pictures?

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