Tuesday, March 29, 2005

its been a while..hmm..people did tell me dat running
away from problems is never the solutions.u will keep on
running into one after another.it will get tangled up..i
mean ..wats the use of running if u keep on getting into
deeper shit trouble.anyway,at some point..i just wish dat
i should have not come here at the first place if i'd knew
dis would happen.i guess u have to get into IT to get out
of IT,huh?

sometimes u need to talk to differ kind of party to get
opinions and thoughts..things like dis makes u matang 2
think and not just jump into conclusions.lepak ngan sofia
aritu rasa cam make sense gak apa yang dia kate..if you
were too shy..of coz ur acts and talks are limited coz u
are segan.so if orang lain yang banyak cakap and gets the
attentions.u feel like dat person plak yang melebih2.padhal
u yang malu2..btol gak cakap sofia..o(>_<)o

so i was the one yang overlooked at certain2 part..well..
guess i nie kuat jeles kut..hehe..camne tu?

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