Monday, March 21, 2005

yesterday sleptover at k.pahs house.helped her cook
for today's makan2.hehe.she is s0o funny..keeps on making
laid back jokes.*gags*she is s0o funny..we cooked asam
laksa,ayam masak serani,daging masak jintan,nasi minyak,
sausages,cucur badak,jelly,pengat pisang fewh!dats a lot,
huh?k.farah and k.pah did the cooking me and jana just help
making the crowd noisy.hahah.nah..we just helped of what
we can.

almost everyone was there..k.farah n family,che,abg sani,
k.ida and family and met abg wong n family on the way
back.abg nazmi sprained his ankle so he couldnt come.abg
zamir was practically busy so he didnt come.the crowd was jana n i just hafta leave for work.damn!

*~somehow im sure im gonna miss them all(>__<)

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