Sunday, March 06, 2005

my rambling thoughts~*

it has been 2 days of relaxation..but more or less like 2
days of taking my mind of unwanted thoughts..although
at times i try to shielded my thoughts of azu..azu's
seems to be having a great impact on me..its so0oo..
unexplainable..but somehow i just fought back...hmm..
anyways..been staying up all night for two days..main
uno ngan abg walid,k.yan and jana..the only time for
us to get together..(+__+)

however,humans are still humans..promises are always is just s0oo hard to keep them..
when your emotions stirred..ur mind raced and flooded
with lotsa negative thoughts..talked to nuren and she
adviced me not to think too much..coz when u think to
much..u will be thinking of all the negative thoughts..
zettai ii na!!and yupe..talked to apoo..she said dat i
seemed to be talking about THIS so often..make me feel
embarressed of myself and thought...its all because of..


*~I asked Allah to give me happiness.Allah said,No.I give
you blessings; Happiness is up to you..~*

courtesy of nuren (>__<) anyways..gonna crash bed
and need some rest..Ya Allah keep me busy coz i really
need it..

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