Sunday, March 06, 2005

it's AISHAH'S birthday!!!~*\(^0^)/

just uploaded pictures..went to aishah's and rina's place
to hang out..did a suprise birthday party for aishah!!we
ate ichigo keki(^__-)v yum2..i luurvveee ichigo keki!!
so..yupe..dat nite we ate cake..japanese style!*with chop
sticks*gags*(^__-)v and there's a new member!!fani..a gal
from indonesia..she's funny..and ok!(^__^)v and then we
had an exchange present sessions coz rina and aishah's
leaving for mesia next week!(>__<) jealousnyerr!!!!!!!

well..i got a mug from rina..DISNEY SEA!!! and aishah gave
me a japanese!!\(^0^)/ thanks you guys!!*wink*
*wink*so then we took crayzzee pictures and hahah..just like
fani said
gayak sejuta!!\(^-^)/*hahah*

we had a great time!!\(^0^)/gonna miss you guyss!!mmuahs!!

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