Thursday, March 03, 2005

its been a while..loads of things had happened..
where should i start...

hmm..ok.lets talk about my new crib.moved out to k.yan's my own room..(^-^)/ yeay!!dah abis mengemas..
but..a bit messy..haha..anyway..aritu abg walid bawak pi
bowling..and er..i scored 116!hahaha..*first time okay..
so it IS a BIG deal!ahaks* and yupe!had a great time..
*betul kata sofia..kena ada inspiration baru score tinggi..
hahaha* it is what?o(^-^)o*

and then..u know wat?!pojoe called all the way from ozzy!!
he is so0 sweeet!*ok pojoe..if u read sure ur
already know dat.haha*its great to get a long distance
call..and yeah..smalam dapat lecture baeek..punya..hahaha..
more like an advicela..tapi kan..u were rightla pojoe..lagi
kita keep it cool..lagi ok..taklah serabut sangat..hehehe..
lela was right too..if `she' is trying to get to me..if i
ignore je sure dia pun dah malas and sakit ati sebab tak
dilayan..haha.gosh!i feel so0o good!u guys are the best!tapi
kesian pojoe..ari2 kena dengar i beleter..*ingat pojoe..we
had a deal(^__-)hehe*but yeah..benda2 camni..kalau pikir
sorang2 sure distracted giler..nasib baik ada korang..mmuahss..

and yupe..`he' did something sweeet..*ok pojoe and lel..i've
told u this*wink*wink* which it makes me more confused than
ever!but pojoe said he was just testing the water..ahaks!
ye ke..?main test2 plak..takpe..takpe..kita tengok..fuah..
this is tuff!(>__<)so dat was dat..and yeah..its been a busy
week..go to work awal..balik lambat..mandi..check
tido..the same thing repeats the next day..dah get bored..tapi
nak wat camne..nak kumpul duit nak ryoko and yupe!go skiing..
yatta!\(^o^)/ insyaAllah..ada rezeki..pegi..hehehe..

else than crashing and burning..i rasa better i
ignore jap.pull myself together.reduce my too-many-things-to-
think minded..i think 2 much!mana x naik pimples and wrinkles.

*~suddenly i feel that he never bothered and never could be bothered.(>__<)then why should i be bothered?

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