Friday, March 04, 2005

hmm..i was thinking..i had no time for Allah..had
been too busy saving the world.more like saving my
own world. should i say..tak pernah nak duduk dan
berdoa..mintak tolong Allah permudahkan yang sukar..
betol tak?sometimes we just forgot that there is
always someone u could rely on..helps u whenever u
need it..but the things is dat we only remember Him
when we're in trouble..time senang..tak pernah nak
ingat dan bersyukur..(+__+)

so i was thinking..enough of me and my stupid thoughts..
later on i would going back to my normal in
really..really normal old routine..waking up
late everyday as my classes are all at 10.and then
hangin out wif frens and then exams come..cramping
myself wif stayin up all night doin last minute revisions..
on and on..graduate..thinking of coming again to japan
but after wat happened..i would hafta think twice..or
was it 2milions time?(>__<)it WAS tuff..but i hafta move
on..its what?

and then there's AZ..if he wanna mess around..let him be..
i dont hafta think too much..pojoe said i worried too much..
so i easily get carried was not DAT easy,huh?

so i made a promise to just be my old me and enjoy the
opportunity i have.if good things happen..good for me..if
not..i guess i just dont get lucky..rite?(>__<)well..cest
la vie..after all..ichi wa zen..zen wa ichi..desyou?

*~btw,i deleted his pictures!accidently..i guess there is no luck..huh?

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