Wednesday, March 09, 2005 the train..nipponism~*

i've become japanese!! u know that the japanese
people will be seen busy using their keitai(cellphone)
just about anywhere!in the train,going up the escalator,
while waiting for the train and even in toilet!well,so
AM I!*gags* im on the train now and everyone seems busy
looking at their keitai!fewh!so much of a nipponism!

btw,yesterday i went through my diary..yupe..nuren knew
wat i called her and we talked about azu.
she was right..its not pleasurable if i just chat wif
her on the net..its better if i just call her.well..yupe!
i feel so much better.thanx nuren..\(^-^)/

suddenly i feel like it was back then in mesia where i
will call fiza or lela or talk about my
problems..they will never dissapoint me..although at
times the truths are harsh..i guess i just have to accept
it.back there i have fiza,lela and pojoe.but now lela n
pojoe had left wif fiza who i barely get a chance
to call..we were too busy with our own
japan..i have nuren and jana..but somehow nuren had always
reminds me of our old times we had in seri puteri.things
were different back were much guys..
no heartbreakers..things were so0o predictable and yupe..
easy..i guess we just hafta move on,huh?

come to think about it..what is world without heartbreakers..rite?(>__<)uhuk2

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