Sunday, March 13, 2005

mak aihh!!been doing this blog for 3 days!! cari error
tak jumpa..pastu cari skins plak..pusing2 kepala..
huhuhu..thank god there's nuren..hehehe..been
online with her just to ask skins and all..hehe..
same2 tengah busy merajinkan diri blogging..heheh..
nuren's new hobby!!*wink*wink* (^__-)v

yesterday went to k.ida's house to babysit luqman..
he is so0o...well behaved!!it is o0oo..easy to take
care of and jana just do watever we wanna
do and he just do watever he wanna do..we just hafta
feed him when he is hungry..easy,huh?(^__-)

today is our day off!!supposedly we hafta help
rina and aishah to bring thier bags to the train
station *yupe!i bet they both had arrived Malaysia
by now*sob*sob*im gonna miss them..huhuhu*
(>__<) but too0o..bad..we woke up late after
playing uno the whole nite before..huhu..its been
our agenda everytime cuti..arini kitorang just laze
aroun..sleep aroun..watching movies for the past
6 hours in a ROW?!! we are movie wat?! (^__^)we watched brotherhood,dude
where's my car,one hour photo and now we're watchin
house with 1000 corpes damn brutal!!hahaha..

*~takde keje~*

so yupe..esok dah start balik keje..i dunno when
should i stop my work..?i think by the end of this
month kut..hmm..its been really tiring but yeah..
need to yeah!hanging on there..(>__<)
mou chotto gaman shite kudasai..insyaAllah..

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