Wednesday, March 23, 2005

its been a while..time passes so fast.went to disneyland
the other day.had a blast!went there with jana,norie and
maniko.its was really fun!we went on the boat,the train,
had long island sando n mickey waffle for lunch*so0o cute
and yummy* and we took a ride on the thunder train..
CRAYZEE!i hola like hell!!and then oh yeah!i took pics
with the seven dwarfs..CUTE!i took pictures with sneezy
who keeps on sneazing all the time*ahaks*

and then we went on the alice teacup party..we spinned
like crazy..and my head went dizzy for half an hour!
V(^-^)V well we went to the haunted mansion,its a small
world,swiss family's tree house,toontown..fewh!too many
to mention but i will surely remember the ride dat scared
the hell outta me and jana..haha..our last ride was splash
mountain.damn!i feel like suicide!hahah..but well..i had
a BLAST!!thanx jana,norie and maniko(^__-)v

*~me and sneezy..kana?heheh..\(^0^)/ ::DISNEY::

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