Tuesday, March 29, 2005

its been a while..hmm..people did tell me dat running
away from problems is never the solutions.u will keep on
running into one after another.it will get tangled up..i
mean ..wats the use of running if u keep on getting into
deeper shit trouble.anyway,at some point..i just wish dat
i should have not come here at the first place if i'd knew
dis would happen.i guess u have to get into IT to get out
of IT,huh?

sometimes u need to talk to differ kind of party to get
opinions and thoughts..things like dis makes u matang 2
think and not just jump into conclusions.lepak ngan sofia
aritu rasa cam make sense gak apa yang dia kate..if you
were too shy..of coz ur acts and talks are limited coz u
are segan.so if orang lain yang banyak cakap and gets the
attentions.u feel like dat person plak yang melebih2.padhal
u yang malu2..btol gak cakap sofia..o(>_<)o

so i was the one yang overlooked at certain2 part..well..
guess i nie kuat jeles kut..hehe..camne tu?

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

i was doing nothing tonite so i watched 2 weeks notice..
its a nice movie..natsukashi!!\(>__<)/suddenly
something strucked me..isnt it nice when u are
so0oo..used to dat someone..u hangout together
u know wat he/she likes..wat suits her/him..
wat looks good on her/him..wat she/he likes to
eat..you just enjoy each others company..u
asked opinions..u just feel comfortable with
their presence..but when something hit you..u
decided to choose your own path..it strucked u..
some part of you is missing....

*~suddenly feels like dejavu*gags*

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

its been a while..time passes so fast.went to disneyland
the other day.had a blast!went there with jana,norie and
maniko.its was really fun!we went on the boat,the train,
had long island sando n mickey waffle for lunch*so0o cute
and yummy* and we took a ride on the thunder train..
CRAYZEE!i hola like hell!!and then oh yeah!i took pics
with the seven dwarfs..CUTE!i took pictures with sneezy
who keeps on sneazing all the time*ahaks*

and then we went on the alice teacup party..we spinned
like crazy..and my head went dizzy for half an hour!
V(^-^)V well we went to the haunted mansion,its a small
world,swiss family's tree house,toontown..fewh!too many
to mention but i will surely remember the ride dat scared
the hell outta me and jana..haha..our last ride was splash
mountain.damn!i feel like suicide!hahah..but well..i had
a BLAST!!thanx jana,norie and maniko(^__-)v

*~me and sneezy..kana?heheh..\(^0^)/

anyway..pictures ::DISNEY::

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I hate the way u talk to me

and the way u cut your hair

I hate the way u drive my car

I hate it when u stare

I hate your big dumb combat boots

and the way you read my mind

I hate it so much it makes me sick

it even makes me rhyme

I hate it when u tell the truth

I hate it when u lie

I hate it when u make me laugh

even more when u make me cry

I hate it when u're not around

and the fact that u didn't call

but most of all,

I hate the way I don't hate you

not a little bit, not even close, not at even all...

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Monday, March 21, 2005

yesterday sleptover at k.pahs house.helped her cook
for today's makan2.hehe.she is s0o funny..keeps on making
laid back jokes.*gags*she is s0o funny..we cooked asam
laksa,ayam masak serani,daging masak jintan,nasi minyak,
sausages,cucur badak,jelly,pengat pisang fewh!dats a lot,
huh?k.farah and k.pah did the cooking me and jana just help
making the crowd noisy.hahah.nah..we just helped of what
we can.

almost everyone was there..k.farah n family,che,abg sani,
k.ida and family and met abg wong n family on the way
back.abg nazmi sprained his ankle so he couldnt come.abg
zamir was practically busy so he didnt come.the crowd was
fun..bt jana n i just hafta leave for work.damn!

*~somehow im sure im gonna miss them all(>__<)

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

mak aihh!!been doing this blog for 3 days!! cari error
tak jumpa..pastu cari skins plak..pusing2 kepala..
huhuhu..thank god there's nuren..hehehe..been
online with her just to ask skins and all..hehe..
same2 tengah busy merajinkan diri blogging..heheh..
nuren's new hobby!!*wink*wink* (^__-)v

yesterday went to k.ida's house to babysit luqman..
he is so0o...well behaved!!it is o0oo..easy to take
care of him..me and jana just do watever we wanna
do and he just do watever he wanna do..we just hafta
feed him when he is hungry..easy,huh?(^__-)

today is our day off!!supposedly we hafta help
rina and aishah to bring thier bags to the train
station *yupe!i bet they both had arrived Malaysia
by now*sob*sob*im gonna miss them..huhuhu*
(>__<) but too0o..bad..we woke up late after
playing uno the whole nite before..huhu..its been
our agenda everytime cuti..arini kitorang just laze
aroun..sleep aroun..watching movies for the past
6 hours in a ROW?!!hahah..ok2..so we are movie
freaks..so wat?! (^__^)we watched brotherhood,dude
where's my car,one hour photo and now we're watchin
house with 1000 corpes damn brutal!!hahaha..

*~takde keje~*

so yupe..esok dah start balik keje..i dunno when
should i stop my work..?i think by the end of this
month kut..hmm..its been really tiring but yeah..
need to payback..so yeah!hanging on there..(>__<)
mou chotto gaman shite kudasai..insyaAllah..

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

hmm..in the train..nipponism~*

i've become japanese!!hahaha..do u know that the japanese
people will be seen busy using their keitai(cellphone)
just about anywhere!in the train,going up the escalator,
while waiting for the train and even in toilet!well,so
AM I!*gags* im on the train now and everyone seems busy
looking at their keitai!fewh!so much of a nipponism!

btw,yesterday i went through my diary..yupe..nuren knew
wat happened..so i called her and we talked about azu.
she was right..its not pleasurable if i just chat wif
her on the net..its better if i just call her.well..yupe!
i feel so much better.thanx nuren..\(^-^)/

suddenly i feel like it was back then in mesia where i
will call fiza or lela or pojoe..to talk about my
problems..they will never dissapoint me..although at
times the truths are harsh..i guess i just have to accept
it.back there i have fiza,lela and pojoe.but now lela n
pojoe had gone..im left wif fiza who i barely get a chance
to call..we were too busy with our own life..here..in
japan..i have nuren and jana..but somehow nuren had always
reminds me of our old times we had in seri puteri.things
were different back then.life were much simpler.no guys..
no heartbreakers..things were so0o predictable and yupe..
easy..i guess we just hafta move on,huh?

come to think about it..what is world without heartbreakers..rite?(>__<)uhuk2

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

it's AISHAH'S birthday!!!~*\(^0^)/

just uploaded pictures..went to aishah's and rina's place
to hang out..did a suprise birthday party for aishah!!we
ate ichigo keki(^__-)v yum2..i luurvveee ichigo keki!!
so..yupe..dat nite we ate cake..japanese style!*with chop
sticks*gags*(^__-)v and there's a new member!!fani..a gal
from indonesia..she's funny..and ok!(^__^)v and then we
had an exchange present sessions coz rina and aishah's
leaving for mesia next week!(>__<) jealousnyerr!!!!!!!

well..i got a mug from rina..DISNEY SEA!!! and aishah gave
me a japanese saifu..cool!!\(^0^)/ thanks you guys!!*wink*
*wink*so then we took crayzzee pictures and hahah..just like
fani said
gayak sejuta!!\(^-^)/*hahah*

we had a great time!!\(^0^)/gonna miss you guyss!!mmuahs!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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my rambling thoughts~*

it has been 2 days of relaxation..but more or less like 2
days of taking my mind of unwanted thoughts..although
at times i try to shielded my thoughts of azu..azu's
seems to be having a great impact on me..its so0oo..
unexplainable..but somehow i just fought back...hmm..
anyways..been staying up all night for two days..main
uno ngan abg walid,k.yan and jana..the only time for
us to get together..(+__+)

however,humans are still humans..promises are always
promises..at times..it is just s0oo hard to keep them..
when your emotions stirred..ur mind raced and flooded
with lotsa negative thoughts..talked to nuren and she
adviced me not to think too much..coz when u think to
much..u will be thinking of all the negative thoughts..
zettai ii na!!and yupe..talked to apoo..she said dat i
seemed to be talking about THIS so often..make me feel
embarressed of myself and thought...its all because of..


*~I asked Allah to give me happiness.Allah said,No.I give
you blessings; Happiness is up to you..~*

courtesy of nuren (>__<) anyways..gonna crash bed
and need some rest..Ya Allah keep me busy coz i really
need it..

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Friday, March 04, 2005

hmm..i was thinking..i had no time for Allah..had
been too busy saving the world.more like saving my
own world. should i say..tak pernah nak duduk dan
berdoa..mintak tolong Allah permudahkan yang sukar..
betol tak?sometimes we just forgot that there is
always someone u could rely on..helps u whenever u
need it..but the things is dat we only remember Him
when we're in trouble..time senang..tak pernah nak
ingat dan bersyukur..(+__+)

so i was thinking..enough of me and my stupid thoughts..
later on i would going back to my normal life.as in
really..really normal life.my old routine..waking up
late everyday as my classes are all at 10.and then
hangin out wif frens and then exams come..cramping
myself wif stayin up all night doin last minute revisions..
on and on..graduate..thinking of coming again to japan
but after wat happened..i would hafta think twice..or
was it 2milions time?(>__<)it WAS tuff..but i hafta move
on..its over..so what?

and then there's AZ..if he wanna mess around..let him be..
i dont hafta think too much..pojoe said i worried too much..
so i easily get carried away.life was not DAT easy,huh?

so i made a promise to just be my old me and enjoy the
opportunity i have.if good things happen..good for me..if
not..i guess i just dont get lucky..rite?(>__<)well..cest
la vie..after all..ichi wa zen..zen wa ichi..desyou?

*~btw,i deleted his pictures!accidently..i guess there is no luck..huh?

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

harini lepak ngan jenot kat saezeriya..skali..dapat makan
kek..huhuhu..its her anniversary with idi..happy
anniversary!!may Allah bless the both of you..hmm..
how about me..? (?__?)

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its been a while..loads of things had happened..
where should i start...

hmm..ok.lets talk about my new crib.moved out to k.yan's
place..got my own room..(^-^)/ yeay!!dah abis mengemas..
but..a bit messy..haha..anyway..aritu abg walid bawak pi
bowling..and er..i scored 116!hahaha..*first time okay..
so it IS a BIG deal!ahaks* and yupe!had a great time..
*betul kata sofia..kena ada inspiration baru score tinggi..
hahaha*ok..so it is true..so what?o(^-^)o*

and then..u know wat?!pojoe called all the way from ozzy!!
he is so0 sweeet!*ok pojoe..if u read this..im sure ur
already know dat.haha*its great to get a long distance
call..and yeah..smalam dapat lecture baeek..punya..hahaha..
more like an advicela..tapi kan..u were rightla pojoe..lagi
kita keep it cool..lagi ok..taklah serabut sangat..hehehe..
lela was right too..if `she' is trying to get to me..if i
ignore je sure dia pun dah malas and sakit ati sebab tak
dilayan..haha.gosh!i feel so0o good!u guys are the best!tapi
kesian pojoe..ari2 kena dengar i beleter..*ingat pojoe..we
had a deal(^__-)hehe*but yeah..benda2 camni..kalau pikir
sorang2 sure distracted giler..nasib baik ada korang..mmuahss..

and yupe..`he' did something sweeet..*ok pojoe and lel..i've
told u this*wink*wink* which it makes me more confused than
ever!but pojoe said he was just testing the water..ahaks!
ye ke..?main test2 plak..takpe..takpe..kita tengok..fuah..
this is tuff!(>__<)so dat was dat..and yeah..its been a busy
week..go to work awal..balik lambat..mandi..check mails..chat..
tido..the same thing repeats the next day..dah get bored..tapi
nak wat camne..nak kumpul duit nak ryoko and yupe!go skiing..
yatta!\(^o^)/ insyaAllah..ada rezeki..pegi..hehehe..

else than that..hmm..im crashing and burning..i rasa better i
ignore jap.pull myself together.reduce my too-many-things-to-
think minded..i think 2 much!mana x naik pimples and wrinkles.

*~suddenly i feel that he never bothered and never could be bothered.(>__<)then why should i be bothered?

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