Wednesday, February 02, 2005

hmm...suddenly blurry song lingers in my mind..

"everything is changing..and noone's left dats real..
to make up your own ending..and let me know just
how u feel..coz im lost without you..i cannot live
at whole world surrounds you..i stumble and
i fall.." i woke up early today..have plans..meeting ikmal
to give him his omiyage..nanka ..kyo wa chotto osoku natte
jikang mo nagaikara..iro2 na mono o shita..eto..atashito
janasang wa shibuya de ikmarukung ni atte,atode shinokubo
ni itte..kome to tori o katta.atode janasang wa..ano..
hosto famiri ni atte,atashiwa hitoride kaeta.dakara..iro2
na mono o shita..sakki tomodachi to hanashite,nanka shira
nai koto o kiite,bikkurishita!!zettai wakanne!!!nanka ima
chotto kibungga warukute kanashiku naru kana..?doshite..?
watashimo wakaranai..(?__?)

well..its a bit despressed rite
now..cut my fingers..bleed like hell..and yet not feeling
the pain..blur..u should say so..well altho few hours
before..i was doing just fine..did some cleaning up..drank
cafe a time moved so slow..
i was enjoying every part of it..feel soo0oo at ease..relaxed
and i feel fine but then..things changed..

when i heard the news...right from his mouth..suddenly i was
not me..i had been waiting for such a long...f***ing time..
been patient enough..and hell..this is what i get?!!..seriously..
i thot i was the cupid me..i thot people said only fools rushed
in..but what happened to those fools?they get wat they want!!
and me..?!!im not getting watever the hell i want!i was dumb
enuff to be dat patient huh? times i just think dat
life's not fair..(+__+)

and i guess now i know..i better not be the silly me again..
*sob*sob* (>_____<)*~everything HAD changed~*

people were right..
ignorance IS bliss~*

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