Tuesday, February 22, 2005

ok..ok..this time i really..really need a brain surgery..hahah
ok..not because of my broken heart*dah berkecai2* but the
one dats healing..wats with 'him'...i mean..to me la..
how can i stucked with him again?!!*confession!!* hari2
dalam kepala otak aku ni asyik ingat kat dia je..dah angau
agaknye..ntah?!!help!!!i need to do a brain surgery!!urgent!!
huhuhu..serious..takleh lari..hari2 buat keje..haa..ada chance
sket je..sure tingat kat dier..(*^_^*)huhuhu*blush*blush*

but there's always something else..it was not only good and
sweet thoughts..but also envious!!yupe!!i always have this
stupid thoughts about someone stabbing me from the back..
enemy in the blanket *huhuh*melayukan:musuh dalam selimut*
heheh..tapi yupe!!been telling this to nuren,denise and some
of my crowds..but they said dat its impossible..it was just
me and my thoughts..i think its more of a da devil..yang
sengaja nak pecahbelahkan manusia..takpe2..ignore that..

tapikan..the hurt is still there..my dreams was shattered..
but wat is there left to do..it was not him to be blamed..
i was the one who let it happen..so why care?why bother..?
its time to forgive and forget..let bygones be bygones..
er....boleh ker..?(>___<)*sob*sob*

tapi kan..i think i had another HUGE crush!!*blush*blush*

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