Friday, February 18, 2005

these are the crowd who cherished my life~*

so we had a farewell party was really..really sad..
*sob*sob*i cried for the first time..huhu..yeap!! at first
it was fun..but then norie *my dear japanese fren*gave me
this note..wargh!!!so0ooo...sad!! and immediately i cried!!
(>___<) and then..zutto..i cried..throughout the party..
it was sad..coz i wont be meeting all these people anymore!!
my sweetheart andrew!! *huhuhu* he's a good friend of mine!!
although at times he is so00o...naughty!!hmm..ok..there's 11
of us all together..andrew and tyler are from canada,kathy
from US,elena from spain,lin,abbie and apple are from taiwan
and all these malaysian people..hehe

andrew is my classmate..always pick on me..hehe..but too bad
in this picture..he left earlier..coz he hafta go 2 a
concert..but yeah..he's really nice..we always talk in
japanese..he's we always practice..and yeah..had
a great time with him..he's blur,sarcastic,nuisance and
cool!! ok..will talk details on him later.and there's tyler..
the cute one..but he's into japanese gals..hehe..too bad!
always the 'im the cute guy..look at me..look at me' kinda
type..hehe..and there's kathy..the american gal..cute and
very confidence..talks a lot..and she talks LOUD!! and FAST!!
hehehe..had brought her hang out with my crowd (jana,abg
zamir and che)they were like..huh?!(?__?)hehehe..anyway..
there's elena..hahaha..she talks a LOT too!!she's very
debative!!always argue with tanabe sensei..and yeah she's
a good artist!!has this very good artwork!!she even submitted
her artwork to one of the manga in japan!!sugoi jang!!

and there's abbie..the fashion forpass!!(^__-)she's really
good with her dress!!she can dressed up in anything and
always look good without fail!!hahaha..and she likes to take
pictures A LOT!!well..she's photogenic..neymind huh!!and
there's apple..the cute one!!heheh..the apple look a like
gal..hehe..her chubby cheeks are always red like apple!!
hehhe..and yupe!these taiwanese gals are good with dressing
club!!hahah..and my dear lin chang!!heheh the malaysian
look a like gal..very2 nice...she likes to learn different
languages..hehehe..i even taught her malay language..(^__^)
likes to hangout with her..very down to earth and likes to
pat my head..cute!!and yeap..there's chuah..hehehe..very
talkative and her japanese is very good!!she likes to quarrel
with elena..the great spouse!!hahaha..rasa cam porak peranda
je rumahtangga diorang..hahaha..and there's saiful..hmm..very
hardworking and his own way..shall i say..likes to
sing..and first time learning nihonggo in japan..sugoi ne?!
and my jana!!hehe..too many things to talk on
keep to myself..frenemies?! and the city..yupe!!

had a great time..gonna miss them a lot!!(>__<)*sob*sob*

**the picture's here**

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