Sunday, February 13, 2005

didnt go to work today..decided to get some rest and go to
the decided to join jana to work but then
we will go separate i got mails from takeshi
saying dat im down with he told me dat there's
a clinic open today..well..i walked all aroun aobadai..
and i couldnt even find one single clinic!! s***!

it was freezing cold and i was so0o..damn nose
blocked..i couldnt even breath thriough my gets
dry i was damned!!so i end up walking aroun
aobadai..founded some nice place for dine and yupe and
also cheap shops*gags* (its worth it!!not just a so-called-
wasted-time-walk-of-the-day) hahah..

well..tomorrow's valentines day..and im all alone..

uh-oh!!not dat feelings AGAIN!!(+_+)

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