Saturday, January 01, 2005

wahahaha..u could never guess what had happened..hehehe..
its NEW YEAR!!*~HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!~*its already 1.1.2005..
woah!!time passed so fast!!didnt realize the time and all
i know..soon i'll turn 21!!hahah..

ok wat did i do today?!!hmmm..went wild for a while with
jana,abg zamir and che..SNOW FIGHT!!!(^__-)sugoku kirei!!
it was really funny coz all of us are like..small KIDS!!!
went wild and shouting at the top of our lungs!!wahahaha..
tanoshikatta and the rest of the day was FREAKING freezing!!

so we went to meiji jingu and er..i-dunno-where and end up
in the mid of the streets of shibuya!it was funny and er..
fun?!!coz u can see all sorts of people with differ ways
of unexplainable attitude..haha but hell yah!!it was FUN!!

but i called my mum and it was papa's birthday..and i was
about to ask her.."ma..tak celebrate ke..?" and my mum was
like..."ntahla..thinking of the people occured in tsunami..
there'S nothing to celebrate for...." and i was like.......
(yeah..she was right..(+_+))

so the thing dat rings my bell is "wats my new year
hmmm..lemme see..

i can say that things were pretty outta was my mind.
how am i supposed to think of my new year resolutions when
i couldnt think of any?its pretty unexplainable lately..too many
things to do..too little time..emotion stirs..*fill in the blanks*
so i thought...wat i havent do and achieved for the past years..
CONFESSION..yep!!dats it..i never get myself to confess..

confess my faults,confess my needs,confess my dream,confess
my deeds,confessions of me..?its s0oo NOT easy to confess...
how can you assure that when u confess,everything will be the
way it was..everything will be just can u make sure that
things wont turn from bad to worse..can u assure just about
anything..?how can you confess just about anything..?not me..

*~new resolution : get myself into confessions or was it about
taking the risks...?(?_?)huhuhu~*

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