Sunday, January 16, 2005

wahhhh!!!i got 5 reports and all should be hand in by this 28th!!!
i might say dat im going crayzee!!!hahahah..NOLAH..its ok..
things like these makes me put more concerntration and hell
yah!!i should now how to divide my timetable wisely!!(^__^)
(although it might sounds crappy!!..hahaha)but memang giler 5 reports to do...too many things to do..too little

anyways..its freezing cold right now in japan..its been a
while since i last talked to my family(er...last two days?!)
*gags* she keeps on asking me..
"is it snowing there in japan?"
and i was like...
"tak..biasa2 je..tapi SEJUKK!!!!!"hehehe...
it IS cold here!!well...although its only 5-10C but for me!!
i'd never been in a cold place as cold as this!!kat malaysia
pun nak tido dalam aircond tak tahan!!! much
for a warm blooded mammalia..(^__^) dat day i called my
family and everyone's been busy preparing for my brother's
wedding this coming may!!yep! i couldnt believe it myself!!
my crayzee bunny big BRO's getting married!!!\(^o^)/ awe..
i bet he is damn nervous right now!!!hehehe...(even i pun
tengah nervous ni!!hahaha) talked to kakak,a-ash,papa
and mama..i got the parcel they sent to was cookies
(although mama cakap ingatkan nak buat for hari raya haji..
hehe..sampai awal la plak..takpe..advance..(^_-))and there's
keropok ikan all the way from kelantan!!,chicken cube,and
MAGGI!!!\(^_^)/ saiking..hari2 makan kuih
raya ngan jana..boleh?(^__^)heheheh

so then talked to ash..who sounded a bit stressed out..sebab
baru balik dari tuition..(ash skarang dah form kena
hustle la..)and spoke to abang,who sounded all excited..coz
lama tak borak with his favourite adik..heheh..miss him a LOT!!
lepak gi OU tengok movie ramai2..and hey!!my first time experience
main bowling was with him and his beloved fiancee..k.dee!!besh!!
(although i baling bola masuk longkang 6 times in a row!!hahah)
dont worry..still doing it when i lepak with jana..hahah!so then
borak with i miss her a LOT!!!if ada depan
mata asyik nak carik gaduh(of coz me slalu kena..coz i adik!!)
haha..tapi dah jauh ni..semua jadi sangap!!boleh tak?!hahah
so then borak ngan papa...and mama..the most precious person
in my words can describes how i miss them!!(>__<)

rindu pegi jogging ngan papa n mama pagi2 weekends..pastu me
and papa will buli mama coz dia taknak join jogging(sebab mama
cute macam teddy bear!!(^__^))so..ajak dia naik bukit turun
bukit..HAA!!lepas tu balik rumah..silala urut kaki mama ramai2..
heheheh..tapi yang bestnyer lepas jogging pegi lepak kedai mamak
makan breakfast!! much of an exercising..(^_-)
hmm..rindu plak dengar papa ngaji quran everytime balik masjid
lepas solat subuh..pastu sayup2 dengar suara mama duk betulkan
tajwid papa..(i could hear them reading alQuran from my room..
my alarm clock for subuh)yang anak dia ni plak still terbongkang
atas katil..boleh?!!(+__+)and yep!!miss all those mama's cooking!
LAKSA JOHOR especially!!! SEDAPP!!!!!..hahah...feels like wanna
go home plak...huhu

so.yeah..talked to aida..cakap pasal..nanti balik msia..kita
lepak ramai2 makan chicken rice kat chicken rice shop!!yum2!!
cant wait!!and oops!!i MISS vicchuda uptown ok!!damn delicious!!
plus nasi ayam there and chicken chop!!!wahahahahah!!!!v(*0*)v
ni yang nak balik ni..tapi i balik hujung bulan 3..nak gak balik
awal..but i dont wanna miss to see the sakura..pretty lil flowers..
hmm...dats why i always think...~*how i wish life could be this simple~*(>__<)

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