Wednesday, January 12, 2005

well...its almost a week now..still hurt..?of coz!!but people
always know me and my
'tak apa' attitude and i am so0ooo..
not good with being hurt or merajuk tooo..long..tak retila..
makes me feel so uneasy..buat semua benda tak jadi...so0oo..
NOT its better if i just ignore..but it had always been
that way..if someone leaves u feeling this kinda things..dat
someone IS someonelauh?*isk*isk*

but seriously..its a waste of time..kalau asyik fikir..tak guna
pun..benda dah lepas..nak kata slalu pikir tuh tak jugak..tapi
ma-ma la..boleh tahanla..thanks to all my friends who had been
there for had been a tough week..been keeping myself busy
to take my mind off unwanted thoughts...*huhu* lepas satu..satu
datang..betul la orang cakap..we can never run from problems..
lagi banyak yang datang adala..(-_- )uhuk..uhuk..

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