Thursday, January 27, 2005

it was really fun!!went to rina's birthday bash in hard rock cafe..
although i was freaking late and me,jana and paklan went
up to hard rock cafe..and there's no brithday bash at all..
rupa2nya kat bawah!!hahaha..poyo jo ingatkan kat hard rock
cafe..tapi kira hard rock gak aa..kat bawah je beza..hehe..

best!!i ate calamari and chips!!sedap giler!!hehehe..and the
chocolate cake..was banget!!\(^o^)/thanks to rina!
hahaha...and yupe!met a lots of new frens..met sofia (si
genit yang kuat menari..hahah..backup dancer aku..hahaha)
but she's s000ooo cute!baru kenal and bokeh lepak giler2..
sekapla siotz!pastu there's commment..coz
i banyak dengar from aishah and rina je..heheh..and the rest is
history...huhu..even paklan pun jadi partner in crime..mamat
poyo tu memang best aa!

and then we went to karaoke..all night long..although we were
on our mission to "get away"..well we managed to do so..and we
were off to karaoke..all night long!!i had a great time!!sampai
sogha pun dah takde..haha..but hell yah!!!(i was having fun..
although the next week tu ada nihonggo test..ouhouh)--->got my
results and i sucked!!boo-hoo!(>__<) anyway..i had never feel
so0oo good!!but yeah..rina and aishah are going back next
month..awe..i bet im gonna miss these people...(>___<)*isk*isk*

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