Saturday, January 22, 2005

hmm...slept in late last nite..doing all those reports..
damn!!i was freaking tired by dat time to read and
revise all those kanjis!!*damn!!AGAIN!!*got tests
next week and im freaking NOT done all the revisions
yet!!but actually..I DID!!heheheh..just dat im not
done with the kanjis and all..its ok(^__-)v

hmm...but i woke up quite early today..couldnt sleep
well..loads of things to do..need to get all done before
going to rina's birthday bash..well..hafta done everything
on time..yeah..right!!as if now im doing all the work?!!
hahah..but yeah!pretty much..get all done and im FREE!!!

my breakfast for pringles and nestum..yum2

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