Wednesday, January 05, 2005

ok..ok..i talked to almost everyone about wats wif
me being too scared to confront..and my friends
were like asking me..'erin..isn't this redundant?'
wat IS redundant?... WAS i realized..i
always had the same thing happened to me 'bout
me not telling the truth and uhuh..confession..
being around the same circle..falling in the same
spot..and then kaboom!!same old thing happened
mengadu kat kawan..."nak buat camne ni?!!!" and
they will keep on telling me the same old advices...
and yupe i realized then dat these same frens are
the one who're always there for listen me
mourn and hahah..listen to my same sad old stories..

redundant enough?! bet.

so wats with the confession..?hmm...broken hearted..
tell me how many times had u've been broken hearted?
faz asked i was!! but he told
me dat MY broken hearted was not as hurtful as
anyones..was it?hmm..i guess so..but hey!!being hurted
doesnt need any specific situations or places aite..?
but for me..being broken hearted is damn
freaking ache..been there..done dat!nak sembuh balik..
susah giler!!!and memang gamak aa..sampai dah malas nak
layan benda2 camni and my frens pun dah tak larat nak
advice me..

tu la they keep on telling me..
"u kalau asyik camni..
sampai bila2 pun u camni...just because u
yang heartbroken sorang2..why dont u DO sumthing?!"

i nak buat camne?!!cuba not gutsy enuffla!
im not gutsy enough to take the risk!!how can u know dat
wat u did was the right thing to do?..tell me dat...(>_<)

so there!!hey!!i've made first confession!! more
telling the same old thing to myself.. i've let it out!!(^_-)

*~so much of a scaridy catzz..pssssss~*

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