Friday, January 21, 2005

last wednesday i went to chanoyu..its a tea ceremony held in
shibuya was great!!heheh..i was given this opportunity
to wear the kimono!!it was a bit heavy though..but yeah! kimoci!!

and then we were taken to a small tea garden..and enter a tea was freaking small!!but we did manage to see how was
it like to be in that small room(actually it was much bigger)
and then...we were served with the japanese tea which is in
GREEN in color..and we were given okashi;japanese sweets.
BUT it was NOT sweet!!!it was bitter!!!i almost wanted to PUKE!!
it sucked!!haha..excuse me..but yep!never gonna eat again..this
mochi were covered with green sucked!!*sorry AGAIN*
and gosh!!although inside it is sweet(red bean) but the powder!!
it taste like henna!!!(>__<)

but anyway..i had a great time knowing the sado and wearing the
sutekina!! kimono..(^__^) *~it was great~*

pictures here!!

*fan gals*

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