Monday, January 17, 2005

heydie..heydie!!!i totally forgot to post up this birthday bash!!
hehehe..yupe!it was at k.ida's was k.ida's and
luqman's birthday actually..but she held an altogether
birthday bash who celebrated their birthday on january..
it was kinda early though..but it was FUN!!everyone was was abg sanie,k.hawa,k.ida and luqman's birthday..
but we celebrated abg zamir's belated too..

luqman got a LOADS of prezentz!!besh..besh!!hehehe..i plak
yang thrill..he siap dapat a piano with microphone from
k.farah n the gang..share2..
*i wish i had one of those..*haha*
so we ate a LOT!!k.ida cooked soo00oo..many food!!there's
nasi hujan panas,sandwiches,sambal udang,kari ikan and
there's ayam masak sambal(gosh!!there's too many)and it was
my first time to eat truffle in JAPAN!!hehehe..and yummie2..
da cake is soo..delicious..(^__^)oh yah!junko was there too!
she's the new member of the crowd *wink*wink*

and yeah!!i played first it was abg hirman and abg
zamir playing..diorang main winning eleven..oh how i miss
playing dat with a-ash!!(although i always lose when i played
with ash..*gags*)and then i played with abg zamir..although it
was a tough fight..but i won though\(^__^)/ hehe..(through
penalty)and then i played with abg hirman and hell yeah!!it
was a tough fight!! it was tide though..sheeshh!!hahaha but
yeah!sums up!throughout the day..we had a great time..hanging
out and just had each other's was great!(^__^)

pictures here--->biRtHDaY bAsH

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