Thursday, January 27, 2005

went to the kyudo's last was the last class!!!
booo-hoo!!(>__<) well..i had a great time though..although
it was hard to aim the f***ing target..but i did hit the
wall though..haha..*although most of the time i aimed the
floor and the green thing hanging on the wall*haha*but
yeah..i had a great time..

tomorrow is my last class..or was it TODAY!!boo-hoo!*again*
i bet im gonna miss everyone!!tomorrow is our speech and im
freaking nervous!!my title was on was cool*for me*
but yeah..i bet im gonna be soo.....sabishi kan?!!wakanne.. going back this end of march...*isk*isk* KOISHI jang!!

-->kyudo pics<--

from back:saiful,kathy,andrew,sensei,jana,apple,lin,elena,
abbie,me and chuah *tto bad..tyler's not there

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it was really fun!!went to rina's birthday bash in hard rock cafe..
although i was freaking late and me,jana and paklan went
up to hard rock cafe..and there's no brithday bash at all..
rupa2nya kat bawah!!hahaha..poyo jo ingatkan kat hard rock
cafe..tapi kira hard rock gak aa..kat bawah je beza..hehe..

best!!i ate calamari and chips!!sedap giler!!hehehe..and the
chocolate cake..was banget!!\(^o^)/thanks to rina!
hahaha...and yupe!met a lots of new frens..met sofia (si
genit yang kuat menari..hahah..backup dancer aku..hahaha)
but she's s000ooo cute!baru kenal and bokeh lepak giler2..
sekapla siotz!pastu there's commment..coz
i banyak dengar from aishah and rina je..heheh..and the rest is
history...huhu..even paklan pun jadi partner in crime..mamat
poyo tu memang best aa!

and then we went to karaoke..all night long..although we were
on our mission to "get away"..well we managed to do so..and we
were off to karaoke..all night long!!i had a great time!!sampai
sogha pun dah takde..haha..but hell yah!!!(i was having fun..
although the next week tu ada nihonggo test..ouhouh)--->got my
results and i sucked!!boo-hoo!(>__<) anyway..i had never feel
so0oo good!!but yeah..rina and aishah are going back next
month..awe..i bet im gonna miss these people...(>___<)*isk*isk*

-->rinas pictures<--

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

hmm...slept in late last nite..doing all those reports..
damn!!i was freaking tired by dat time to read and
revise all those kanjis!!*damn!!AGAIN!!*got tests
next week and im freaking NOT done all the revisions
yet!!but actually..I DID!!heheheh..just dat im not
done with the kanjis and all..its ok(^__-)v

hmm...but i woke up quite early today..couldnt sleep
well..loads of things to do..need to get all done before
going to rina's birthday bash..well..hafta done everything
on time..yeah..right!!as if now im doing all the work?!!
hahah..but yeah!pretty much..get all done and im FREE!!!

my breakfast for pringles and nestum..yum2

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Friday, January 21, 2005

last wednesday i went to chanoyu..its a tea ceremony held in
shibuya was great!!heheh..i was given this opportunity
to wear the kimono!!it was a bit heavy though..but yeah! kimoci!!

and then we were taken to a small tea garden..and enter a tea was freaking small!!but we did manage to see how was
it like to be in that small room(actually it was much bigger)
and then...we were served with the japanese tea which is in
GREEN in color..and we were given okashi;japanese sweets.
BUT it was NOT sweet!!!it was bitter!!!i almost wanted to PUKE!!
it sucked!!haha..excuse me..but yep!never gonna eat again..this
mochi were covered with green sucked!!*sorry AGAIN*
and gosh!!although inside it is sweet(red bean) but the powder!!
it taste like henna!!!(>__<)

but anyway..i had a great time knowing the sado and wearing the
sutekina!! kimono..(^__^) *~it was great~*

pictures here!!

*fan gals*

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Monday, January 17, 2005

heydie..heydie!!!i totally forgot to post up this birthday bash!!
hehehe..yupe!it was at k.ida's was k.ida's and
luqman's birthday actually..but she held an altogether
birthday bash who celebrated their birthday on january..
it was kinda early though..but it was FUN!!everyone was was abg sanie,k.hawa,k.ida and luqman's birthday..
but we celebrated abg zamir's belated too..

luqman got a LOADS of prezentz!!besh..besh!!hehehe..i plak
yang thrill..he siap dapat a piano with microphone from
k.farah n the gang..share2..
*i wish i had one of those..*haha*
so we ate a LOT!!k.ida cooked soo00oo..many food!!there's
nasi hujan panas,sandwiches,sambal udang,kari ikan and
there's ayam masak sambal(gosh!!there's too many)and it was
my first time to eat truffle in JAPAN!!hehehe..and yummie2..
da cake is soo..delicious..(^__^)oh yah!junko was there too!
she's the new member of the crowd *wink*wink*

and yeah!!i played first it was abg hirman and abg
zamir playing..diorang main winning eleven..oh how i miss
playing dat with a-ash!!(although i always lose when i played
with ash..*gags*)and then i played with abg zamir..although it
was a tough fight..but i won though\(^__^)/ hehe..(through
penalty)and then i played with abg hirman and hell yeah!!it
was a tough fight!! it was tide though..sheeshh!!hahaha but
yeah!sums up!throughout the day..we had a great time..hanging
out and just had each other's was great!(^__^)

pictures here--->biRtHDaY bAsH

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

wahhhh!!!i got 5 reports and all should be hand in by this 28th!!!
i might say dat im going crayzee!!!hahahah..NOLAH..its ok..
things like these makes me put more concerntration and hell
yah!!i should now how to divide my timetable wisely!!(^__^)
(although it might sounds crappy!!..hahaha)but memang giler 5 reports to do...too many things to do..too little

anyways..its freezing cold right now in japan..its been a
while since i last talked to my family(er...last two days?!)
*gags* she keeps on asking me..
"is it snowing there in japan?"
and i was like...
"tak..biasa2 je..tapi SEJUKK!!!!!"hehehe...
it IS cold here!!well...although its only 5-10C but for me!!
i'd never been in a cold place as cold as this!!kat malaysia
pun nak tido dalam aircond tak tahan!!! much
for a warm blooded mammalia..(^__^) dat day i called my
family and everyone's been busy preparing for my brother's
wedding this coming may!!yep! i couldnt believe it myself!!
my crayzee bunny big BRO's getting married!!!\(^o^)/ awe..
i bet he is damn nervous right now!!!hehehe...(even i pun
tengah nervous ni!!hahaha) talked to kakak,a-ash,papa
and mama..i got the parcel they sent to was cookies
(although mama cakap ingatkan nak buat for hari raya haji..
hehe..sampai awal la plak..takpe..advance..(^_-))and there's
keropok ikan all the way from kelantan!!,chicken cube,and
MAGGI!!!\(^_^)/ saiking..hari2 makan kuih
raya ngan jana..boleh?(^__^)heheheh

so then talked to ash..who sounded a bit stressed out..sebab
baru balik dari tuition..(ash skarang dah form kena
hustle la..)and spoke to abang,who sounded all excited..coz
lama tak borak with his favourite adik..heheh..miss him a LOT!!
lepak gi OU tengok movie ramai2..and hey!!my first time experience
main bowling was with him and his beloved fiancee..k.dee!!besh!!
(although i baling bola masuk longkang 6 times in a row!!hahah)
dont worry..still doing it when i lepak with jana..hahah!so then
borak with i miss her a LOT!!!if ada depan
mata asyik nak carik gaduh(of coz me slalu kena..coz i adik!!)
haha..tapi dah jauh ni..semua jadi sangap!!boleh tak?!hahah
so then borak ngan papa...and mama..the most precious person
in my words can describes how i miss them!!(>__<)

rindu pegi jogging ngan papa n mama pagi2 weekends..pastu me
and papa will buli mama coz dia taknak join jogging(sebab mama
cute macam teddy bear!!(^__^))so..ajak dia naik bukit turun
bukit..HAA!!lepas tu balik rumah..silala urut kaki mama ramai2..
heheheh..tapi yang bestnyer lepas jogging pegi lepak kedai mamak
makan breakfast!! much of an exercising..(^_-)
hmm..rindu plak dengar papa ngaji quran everytime balik masjid
lepas solat subuh..pastu sayup2 dengar suara mama duk betulkan
tajwid papa..(i could hear them reading alQuran from my room..
my alarm clock for subuh)yang anak dia ni plak still terbongkang
atas katil..boleh?!!(+__+)and yep!!miss all those mama's cooking!
LAKSA JOHOR especially!!! SEDAPP!!!!!..hahah...feels like wanna
go home plak...huhu

so.yeah..talked to aida..cakap pasal..nanti balik msia..kita
lepak ramai2 makan chicken rice kat chicken rice shop!!yum2!!
cant wait!!and oops!!i MISS vicchuda uptown ok!!damn delicious!!
plus nasi ayam there and chicken chop!!!wahahahahah!!!!v(*0*)v
ni yang nak balik ni..tapi i balik hujung bulan 3..nak gak balik
awal..but i dont wanna miss to see the sakura..pretty lil flowers..
hmm...dats why i always think...~*how i wish life could be this simple~*(>__<)

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Friday, January 14, 2005

saiking..banyak benda pelik dah jadik..kat malaysia kena tsunami,
kat arab turun salji..nanti kat marikh matahari terbit kat sebelah
barat..hmm...tak lama lagi bumi pun matahari terbit kat barat!!tak
ke horror...nak ditambah lagi..haritu borak ngan kakak on the
phone..dia kata ika si kenit tu pun yang dulu everytime ajak
mengaji alQuran sikit punya malas nak baca..skarang..takde
orang suruh pun dia nak mengaji..siap bila after baca Quran
pun cium Quran tu macam sayang giler!!! imagine a 2 years old
kid doing dat?!!what can be weirder?!!so it hit me
the time has come?!(>___<)~*

i dunno..but yeah..memang dah tulis dalam alQuran yang semua
benda ni akan jadi..we just hafta wait till the day to come then pintu taubat pun dah tertutup..dah takleh nak buat tengah ada masa ni..manusia tak pulak berlumba2
nak mengerjakan ibadah...siap lobang2 lagi adalah..(not to one of them(>__<))pastu nak bertaubat...lagila apa
erti taubat pun tak pernah nak faham...nak laksanakannyer
plak..haram tak tahu...(+__+)

suddenly i was hit by sense dat things wont always be the same
again...the time will come and its gonna happen soon...all we
hafta do is be prepared..have you ever think about this..?
i did but doesnt it make more sense when all these weird things
happened to the world...?kanggaette...(+___+)

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

well...its almost a week now..still hurt..?of coz!!but people
always know me and my
'tak apa' attitude and i am so0ooo..
not good with being hurt or merajuk tooo..long..tak retila..
makes me feel so uneasy..buat semua benda tak jadi...so0oo..
NOT its better if i just ignore..but it had always been
that way..if someone leaves u feeling this kinda things..dat
someone IS someonelauh?*isk*isk*

but seriously..its a waste of time..kalau asyik fikir..tak guna
pun..benda dah lepas..nak kata slalu pikir tuh tak jugak..tapi
ma-ma la..boleh tahanla..thanks to all my friends who had been
there for had been a tough week..been keeping myself busy
to take my mind off unwanted thoughts...*huhu* lepas satu..satu
datang..betul la orang cakap..we can never run from problems..
lagi banyak yang datang adala..(-_- )uhuk..uhuk..

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

semalam kena buli!!im still at rina's house..its been two
days was fun..asyik kuar pi shopping je..hahah
tup2..dah tinggal lagi seminggu je nak masuk skola next

nway..smalam main uno..old skool..sape kalah kena denda..
and everyone kena denda sebab when it was turn..
rina ni macam boleh agak ape yang i taknak buat..and hah!!
there goes erin down the hill!!they all required me to stay
in the toilet for two freaking minutes!!!TAKNAK!!!!horror
siots!!mula la lepas tuh suruh i turun bawah for 2 minutesla..
dahlah rumah tuh besar giler!!nak turun sorang2 pun...
WARGH!!horror giler!!

ok..ok..u might laugh at me...i AM afraid of the dark!!wat
can i say..i just feel so00o..ntah..uneasy if its pitch black!!
rasa threaten je..and pastu haritu dengar aishah cite pasal
rumah ni ade benda2 pelik..nak suruh i pegi toilet for 2 mins
plak!!alahai...i sanggup nangis kat situ taknak pegi tau!!
pastu suruh turun bawah sorang2..dalam gelap2 tuh..wahaha!!
i can pengsan!!so yupe!im scared of the dark..wat can i say..
its just me..plain silly erin..(>__<)

*~there goes confession number two~*

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

ok..ok..i talked to almost everyone about wats wif
me being too scared to confront..and my friends
were like asking me..'erin..isn't this redundant?'
wat IS redundant?... WAS i realized..i
always had the same thing happened to me 'bout
me not telling the truth and uhuh..confession..
being around the same circle..falling in the same
spot..and then kaboom!!same old thing happened
mengadu kat kawan..."nak buat camne ni?!!!" and
they will keep on telling me the same old advices...
and yupe i realized then dat these same frens are
the one who're always there for listen me
mourn and hahah..listen to my same sad old stories..

redundant enough?! bet.

so wats with the confession..?hmm...broken hearted..
tell me how many times had u've been broken hearted?
faz asked i was!! but he told
me dat MY broken hearted was not as hurtful as
anyones..was it?hmm..i guess so..but hey!!being hurted
doesnt need any specific situations or places aite..?
but for me..being broken hearted is damn
freaking ache..been there..done dat!nak sembuh balik..
susah giler!!!and memang gamak aa..sampai dah malas nak
layan benda2 camni and my frens pun dah tak larat nak
advice me..

tu la they keep on telling me..
"u kalau asyik camni..
sampai bila2 pun u camni...just because u
yang heartbroken sorang2..why dont u DO sumthing?!"

i nak buat camne?!!cuba not gutsy enuffla!
im not gutsy enough to take the risk!!how can u know dat
wat u did was the right thing to do?..tell me dat...(>_<)

so there!!hey!!i've made first confession!! more
telling the same old thing to myself.. i've let it out!!(^_-)

*~so much of a scaridy catzz..pssssss~*

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

wahahaha..u could never guess what had happened..hehehe..
its NEW YEAR!!*~HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!~*its already 1.1.2005..
woah!!time passed so fast!!didnt realize the time and all
i know..soon i'll turn 21!!hahah..

ok wat did i do today?!!hmmm..went wild for a while with
jana,abg zamir and che..SNOW FIGHT!!!(^__-)sugoku kirei!!
it was really funny coz all of us are like..small KIDS!!!
went wild and shouting at the top of our lungs!!wahahaha..
tanoshikatta and the rest of the day was FREAKING freezing!!

so we went to meiji jingu and er..i-dunno-where and end up
in the mid of the streets of shibuya!it was funny and er..
fun?!!coz u can see all sorts of people with differ ways
of unexplainable attitude..haha but hell yah!!it was FUN!!

but i called my mum and it was papa's birthday..and i was
about to ask her.."ma..tak celebrate ke..?" and my mum was
like..."ntahla..thinking of the people occured in tsunami..
there'S nothing to celebrate for...." and i was like.......
(yeah..she was right..(+_+))

so the thing dat rings my bell is "wats my new year
hmmm..lemme see..

i can say that things were pretty outta was my mind.
how am i supposed to think of my new year resolutions when
i couldnt think of any?its pretty unexplainable lately..too many
things to do..too little time..emotion stirs..*fill in the blanks*
so i thought...wat i havent do and achieved for the past years..
CONFESSION..yep!!dats it..i never get myself to confess..

confess my faults,confess my needs,confess my dream,confess
my deeds,confessions of me..?its s0oo NOT easy to confess...
how can you assure that when u confess,everything will be the
way it was..everything will be just can u make sure that
things wont turn from bad to worse..can u assure just about
anything..?how can you confess just about anything..?not me..

*~new resolution : get myself into confessions or was it about
taking the risks...?(?_?)huhuhu~*

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