Saturday, December 18, 2004


well..we were damn crayzee...can u imagine?!!we were soo..bored
dat we decided to go to get something to eat..just because
we were so we went aroun aobadai and do
some window shopping..and suddenly we were like hey!!lets go to

minami machida!! and off we went there and bought ourself some
"individual needs" hahah..more or less like lepas geram je..hahaha

so we lepak there until aroun we decided to go home..feeling
bored as always..(as the time for shopping is UP!!) well..actually
we were left with NO MONEY!!hahah!(^0^)kawaiisoo!!demo..wat
to do..*gags*so..we wallked all the way home and were pretty tired
as h***!!gile tak giler..we spent almost 5000 yen dat day..heheh..
so much of a shopaholic! (maybe me and jana should make a book
on shopaholic goes to japan!..hahah)

so then..we took our shower and all prepared to crash the bed..
doing al the girls necessities..(putting on creams,masks,lotions..
etc...<---so not me!!) we were getting ourselves
to sleep...jana was like "hey..lets tell a story...." so there goes the
two magpies (^_-) talking all the way hoping dat we could drift
ourselves to sleep...(yeah..right!!) cellphone

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