Monday, December 06, 2004

1.what made you happy this week ?
+ taking care of iman(*^__^*)

2.what made you sad this week?
+ emotion stirs

3.are you contented with your life?
+ yes

4.has someone/somebody make u happy lately?
+ yes. a whole lotta times

5.what do you plan to do to him/her?
+ to DO to him/her? ummm..bear hug?(^__-) are you feeling at the moment?
+ quesy (?__?)

7.what/who made you feel that way?
+ too much food *gags*

8.are you the type of person who easily gets hurt?
+ yepedoo..but im hanging on..

9. do you cry?
+ kah kah. does a human cry?

10.have you ever been to a point in your life that
you can say you got lost?

+ yes. being stupid makes me lost *LOL*

11. the last movie you watched?
+ the texas chainsaw ~*kowaiii!!!

12. with who?
+ jana..while babysitting iman..

13. the last song you heard?
+ iman singing ~*hatty bufday to mummy*~

14. the last thing you bought?
+ my handphone in japan!!

15. the last place you went?
+ kak farah house..hahaha its a routine!(^__^)

16. the last food you ate ?
+ asam pedas,ayam kunyit and telur bungkus..yum2..

17. the last thing you heard from your parents?
+ mama: nak apa2 hantar email..*gags*

18. the last thing you said to your parents?
+ bila mama nak datang sini?(>__<)

19. the last thing you said to one of your friends?
+ in love..?

20. the last thing you read?
+ rave

21. the last person you called?
+ mama; bila nak datang sini..?

22. the last person who called you?
+ er...zaimi?(*^__^*)

23. the last person you texted?
+ my daddy-suki

24. the last person who texted you?
+ daddy-suki

25. the last person who said you're

+ nobody..hahaha

26. the last person who gave you a testimonial?
+ ummmm... jana..(being sarcastic)

27. the last person who messaged you? in msn?
+ abg zamir...

28. the last person you're with?
+ urgh!! jana..jana..jana...hahahaha

29. the last person you kissed goodnyt?
+ totoro o(^-^)o

30. the last person you kissed goodbye?
+ iman!!mmuahss!!

31. the last person you think of before goin to


32. the last thing to do before goin to

+ check my handphone for goodnite message (none!!!)*gags*

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