Friday, December 17, 2004

so i wrote crap..hahah..ok..well..i got this volunteer work
at a was fun!!first thing in the morning me and
jana was late..coz we woke up late dat we
meet up chiba-san and andrew at the eki..on the way there..
i was so..damn nervous..thinking of how am i supposed to
talk to them..?i cant speak japanese!!!every words chiba
said in the train seems to be like a mumble-jumble rojak!!
goin in and out of my ears..(^0^)got butterflies in my
stomach..pretty much..i was horrified!

after jumping from a station to another..then i saw this huge
elementary school standing at the side of the road and there
were loads..and loads of kids!!shouting and screaming..i was
scared..(+__+)im gonna die!!!and when the kids saw andrew
from far..they were shouting "HELLO,HI,WELCOME!!"..gosh!
was he famous!(^__-)

so when we get in..everything was soo...real!!i was in a THE
school!!wat shocked me most was a boy greeted me in malay
"selamat petang"(although it was morning..)i was shocked!!they
are sooo..adorable!!so the day starts with separating us into
3 groups and i got this 4-1 was ...GREAT!!!i greeted
them and taught them to speak malay..and they we tremendous!!
we had a great time..i let them wore my baju kurung..they are
soo..cute!!i just can't resist it when they asked me questions in
japanese..i was JAPANESE!!not believing...
HELLO?!!(^__^)and i was like the other half..well..after that..
we went down stairs and all the kids let me had my drinks and
suddenly a couple of boys and gals came and invited me "zaireen
-san..issyoni tabemasyo..." and andrew,jana,saiful and monica
sensei was like.."just zaireen-san?!!"..(^__^)i was excited!!
they are soo...cute!!it was really fun..we ate the lunch together
and these kids are soo..adorables with loads of question..
"zaireen-san wat is like to be in japan? it the same
thing they played while they are in school..?how was
school?why do you wear these weird hat?(MY TUDUNG!!)"

(which is everything in japanese..)and there's this boy..kept
on asking me weird questions which i never get to answer back..
but hey!!i had a great time..they treat me like ONE OF THEM..
it was great.later i feel like i dont wanna go home..*gags*

but yupe!!cest la the end..i took pictures with them..
look at them...they are sooo..adorable!!(^3^)

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