Monday, December 20, 2004

jitsu wa..we had a plan on the other day to go for a lunch together
at the ikebokuro..its a pakistani restaurant..and it was helluva!!!
its been a while since i last ate was yummy2...there were k.ida
and family,k.farah and family,abg amat,che,abg sanie,abg zamir,me,jana
and was fun!!had the most filly lunch ever!!!well supposedly
junko (a japanese who converted to islam) but she seemed to be late so we
ate our lunch and meet her up later..

so we met her up and headed for a bowling!!!(^0^) can u imagine?!! we
hafta wait for 19 people before our turn!!but it wasnt dat long until our
turn came..and i was like.. gosh!!!not my nightmare again!!! i dont
know how to bowl!!!!so iwas like the worst!!i scored...but into the drain
though *hahah*..but yeah..first game was suck!! and jana was like queen
of the alley!!~*hail queen jana*~..heheh..she did LOADS of strikes!! i
feel like sooo...dumb to play if it was just between she and me!!hahah..
but we played it was kewl..had a great time..well..ehem2..i was
much better on the second game..did 2 strikes..hehehe..*wink*wink*

well..after a long time..hanging and having fun..we decided to headed home..
but k.farah and family couldnt join us coz iman's not in the mood for 'more' we headed to fujimamas in was er...YUMMY!!!! we ate
a lot!!! i ate calamari..(notice : IM NOW A BIG FAN OF CALAMARI *gags*)
so..we ate and chat..and i had a great conversation with junko..her english
is soo...good..but yeah..had a great time usual, che and abg sanie
with their funny sense of humour..irresistably pain in the a***..heheh..
*kidding* (^_-)

so then it was getting we headed home..junko hafta go to i-dunno-
where-coz-i-dont-remember,and k.hawa get off at shibuya and me,jana,
che,abg sanie and che headed the same way..and they get off at sangenjaya..
and there left me and jana..headed home to aobadai...tired as h***..i dozed
oof on the train..and as i woke up..we were already in we headed
home..numbheaded-silentkiller-cant-wait-to-sleep...and as soon as we
arrived...i crashed the bed..(+__+) zzzZZZZ

had a great weekend..hope to do it again..hahah~*

came in late today..and the teacher was pissed off *oopss!!*

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