Sunday, December 19, 2004 was abg zamir and he was like..hey!korang katner ni?
jom pi karaoke all night long...and i was like..wat?!!now?!!~*

well talking about crayzee crayzee can we be?!
hmmm..lemme see.... CRAZY ENUFF!!!

right after abg zamir called...abg sanie called and invited us the same crayzee as can was 11pm at that moment and me
and jana was already in bed..eyes were almost shut but guess wat!!
i was like.."sempat ke nak amek last train?!"..and abg sanie was
like..."sempat je...jom aa..karaoke!!" and the next thing we
know..we jumped off the bed and rush off to sangen jaya!!huhuhuhu..
how crayzee can we be?!!so..we were shoving everything into our bags
and off we go!!!running and er..more or less jogged all the way..hoping
dat the we could still catch the last train..~*WE DID!!*~ (>_<) *gags* so..couldnt believe it ourself..we were on the train..catching up our breaths (after a long run!!) suddenly we went silence..and i was like.. "lets continue" magpies as can be..(well actually to keep
ourselves from getting bored during the ride..)*hahah*we chatted all
the way from aobadai to sangenjaya..(plus the train was not the
express ones!!)bummer!! so then we arrived in sangen jaya and
headed straight to big echo..*~arrived*~ and abg zamir was singing
all alone..*huhuhu*waited for abg sanie and che..and hey!!when they
arrived the party STARTED!!!woo-hoo!!!we sang all..night..long......

we sang and sang..not realizing it was already 5am!!whaaaat?!!!i was
just about to warm up!!*hahah*so then we headed back to abg zamir's
crib..and continued our sched with watching "the miss call" it was
a japanese movie..pretty scarry..(managed to make me jumped a couple
of times...) and che was tired so he decided to sleep tho..we watched the
movie until 7.30 am...but u know wat?!! we dont even understand the
story line!! wat the h***..~* wasted my 2hrs!!too tired to think..we
crashed the bed...

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