Thursday, December 09, 2004

i woke up this morning in tears..i dunno why..?but i
think i dreamt of my mum last nite...well i was soo..
f***ing tired so..probably i had a bad dreams..i dunno
why i cried..coz i barely remember any of i bet
it was a sad one coz i recalled crying but for no
reasons though..*gags*

anyway..i had my judo class last monday..and it was sugei!!
it was fun and hillarious though..coz i was the one who'd
been slammed by was kinda cool coz i can lift jana
who is much..much taller than me..and was great..
but the NOT best part is that the next whole body
ached!!and the next day i was walking like an obasang!!!
(^__-)hahaha..well...then yesterday..we went to kamakura..
it was fun!!went with all the K-STEP student..and yupe!!
had a great time there!!bought myself a satsuke keychain..
and bought bells keychain at daibutsu for me,mama and
kakak although i've been there before..once with takeshi
and kuniko..its was fun to go woth yuka and all...yuka is
unpredictably funny..besides being the one in charge of
us..she's more like..ONE OF US..hahahahaha..well..sums
up..we had a great time..(^___^)yatta!!

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