Thursday, December 30, 2004

wahahahaha!!!its a happy day for me..went to saitama and had
this crayzee idea to hangout at a friends place..and yeah..jz hang
out and suddenly!! early in the morning..the next day..i can not
barely believe my eyes!!! its snowing outside!!! (^0^)

wahaha.....hajimete!!!tanoshikatta!!fuafuafua...then i just
continue sleeping..feeling cozy..(hey!! a
hibernating..hehe) then when i woke up..its still snowing and the
snow's getting thicker!! sugei!! so i took this picture..first think i

did was called my mom..

erin: mama!!snow dah turun!!!

mama:iyea...sukanyer dier...(^__^)

hihihi..i was...LUCKY!!!coz the day and jana was like..
'its cold..but when is it gonna snow..?'and i was like...(^___^)
and the next thing you know..ITS SNOWING!!! wahahahaha..
im sooo0oo HAPPI!! ngee..(^__^) but you nkow what?!!its freaking
cold outside!!! (^_-)

*~snowdrop falling on my face~*

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