Thursday, December 16, 2004

it had been such a tiring weekends..had a great time last
saturday..went to yokohama to meet up k.mim and k.nisa..
wahh!!!went to torihama which is HEAVEN for me!!!
bought myself a nike watch!!sugei!!love it so000oo..much!!
*gags*well..went shopping with k.mimi while waiting for
k.nisa to call us..she's all the way from ohio..came to
japan for transit..ans sleepover at k.mimi's crib..

went to those crazy people in japan go..yupe!to all those
picture stickers stalls..hahah!!went wild and took these
kawaii picture (although i can tell that i was not DAT
cute..)hahah!so later on..i was freaking tired..and decided
to sleep while k.nisa had already crashed the bed..while
k.mimi plak..she went to hery's room and cooked some nabe..
oishii!!!!and hahaha..didnt know dat the nabe was sour..ate
a lot..and the next hour..'digested'!!!hahahaha..*smells* later on the next day meet up k.farah to go to
k.pah's was a huge HOUZE!!!!in saitama..huhuhu..

well..we had nasi tomato and asam!k.farah's ayam
percik!!yum2..had a great time there..eating..and eating and
eating..hehehe..(now i know where i got all the baby fats..)
*gags*so..later on we went to che'S house..just for a look..
it wasnt dta bad after all..after a loooong tiring day..

headed back to aobadai..~*it was a great weekend*~(^__-)

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