Thursday, December 02, 2004

well..well..its been a while now..went to hakone last
weekend and it was sugoi....kerei!!!it was damn fun!!
we went there by car..konvoi beramai2...and then went
past all those koyo!!and *gasp* we bypast the fujisan!!
totemo....KIREI!!!!!(^0^)i was totally captivated!!

well..we went to stay at lake annex resort( i think so
la..)and then we booked 2 was kinda cool
coz the cottage got this rooms and we could actually
have our own later on that nite..everyone went
to the and jana didnt feel like going
to the we missed the 'best' part..but well..
there's always another time..rite?(^_-)

so..we cooked ramai2..and it was great!!we cooked nasi tomato,
kurma telur and kari sardin!!
its kinda weird though
but hell yeah!!it was delicious!!!coz its cold uphill..
so pretty much of balun anything la..

so then later that nite..we all main was hillarious!!
che was undeniably funny!!i was wanpaku dat nite..but hehe..
we stayed up until almost 2am ..and everyone started to get
drowsy and all..and decided to stop..well..the next day was!!!its the last day though..but we had so much
fun!!the group splited into 2 groups..and one went to the ferry
ride..and the other one went for a cable car ride..subarashi!!!

although gayat..tak terasa sangat coz ramai2 naik dat cable car..
n then went up the hill!!!sugei kirei!!saw the lake from top
well actually u can see the mount fuji but it was cloudy dat was freaking cold up there..and jana,me,abg zamir,abg
sanie and che went wild and we just er..went wild!!!heheheh...

so..later on..dah penat ramai2..we decided to head back home..
it was a fun weekend..although its tiring..but hey!i got a totoro!
kawaii soo!!(^__^)

hakone here!!

this is us having a blast!!look at me..poyo!!(^__-)

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