Thursday, December 30, 2004

wahahahaha!!!its a happy day for me..went to saitama and had
this crayzee idea to hangout at a friends place..and yeah..jz hang
out and suddenly!! early in the morning..the next day..i can not
barely believe my eyes!!! its snowing outside!!! (^0^)

wahaha.....hajimete!!!tanoshikatta!!fuafuafua...then i just
continue sleeping..feeling cozy..(hey!! a
hibernating..hehe) then when i woke up..its still snowing and the
snow's getting thicker!! sugei!! so i took this picture..first think i

did was called my mom..

erin: mama!!snow dah turun!!!

mama:iyea...sukanyer dier...(^__^)

hihihi..i was...LUCKY!!!coz the day and jana was like..
'its cold..but when is it gonna snow..?'and i was like...(^___^)
and the next thing you know..ITS SNOWING!!! wahahahaha..
im sooo0oo HAPPI!! ngee..(^__^) but you nkow what?!!its freaking
cold outside!!! (^_-)

*~snowdrop falling on my face~*

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Monday, December 20, 2004

jitsu wa..we had a plan on the other day to go for a lunch together
at the ikebokuro..its a pakistani restaurant..and it was helluva!!!
its been a while since i last ate was yummy2...there were k.ida
and family,k.farah and family,abg amat,che,abg sanie,abg zamir,me,jana
and was fun!!had the most filly lunch ever!!!well supposedly
junko (a japanese who converted to islam) but she seemed to be late so we
ate our lunch and meet her up later..

so we met her up and headed for a bowling!!!(^0^) can u imagine?!! we
hafta wait for 19 people before our turn!!but it wasnt dat long until our
turn came..and i was like.. gosh!!!not my nightmare again!!! i dont
know how to bowl!!!!so iwas like the worst!!i scored...but into the drain
though *hahah*..but yeah..first game was suck!! and jana was like queen
of the alley!!~*hail queen jana*~..heheh..she did LOADS of strikes!! i
feel like sooo...dumb to play if it was just between she and me!!hahah..
but we played it was kewl..had a great time..well..ehem2..i was
much better on the second game..did 2 strikes..hehehe..*wink*wink*

well..after a long time..hanging and having fun..we decided to headed home..
but k.farah and family couldnt join us coz iman's not in the mood for 'more' we headed to fujimamas in was er...YUMMY!!!! we ate
a lot!!! i ate calamari..(notice : IM NOW A BIG FAN OF CALAMARI *gags*)
so..we ate and chat..and i had a great conversation with junko..her english
is soo...good..but yeah..had a great time usual, che and abg sanie
with their funny sense of humour..irresistably pain in the a***..heheh..
*kidding* (^_-)

so then it was getting we headed home..junko hafta go to i-dunno-
where-coz-i-dont-remember,and k.hawa get off at shibuya and me,jana,
che,abg sanie and che headed the same way..and they get off at sangenjaya..
and there left me and jana..headed home to aobadai...tired as h***..i dozed
oof on the train..and as i woke up..we were already in we headed
home..numbheaded-silentkiller-cant-wait-to-sleep...and as soon as we
arrived...i crashed the bed..(+__+) zzzZZZZ

had a great weekend..hope to do it again..hahah~*

came in late today..and the teacher was pissed off *oopss!!*

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Sunday, December 19, 2004 was abg zamir and he was like..hey!korang katner ni?
jom pi karaoke all night long...and i was like..wat?!!now?!!~*

well talking about crayzee crayzee can we be?!
hmmm..lemme see.... CRAZY ENUFF!!!

right after abg zamir called...abg sanie called and invited us the same crayzee as can was 11pm at that moment and me
and jana was already in bed..eyes were almost shut but guess wat!!
i was like.."sempat ke nak amek last train?!"..and abg sanie was
like..."sempat je...jom aa..karaoke!!" and the next thing we
know..we jumped off the bed and rush off to sangen jaya!!huhuhuhu..
how crayzee can we be?!!so..we were shoving everything into our bags
and off we go!!!running and er..more or less jogged all the way..hoping
dat the we could still catch the last train..~*WE DID!!*~ (>_<) *gags* so..couldnt believe it ourself..we were on the train..catching up our breaths (after a long run!!) suddenly we went silence..and i was like.. "lets continue" magpies as can be..(well actually to keep
ourselves from getting bored during the ride..)*hahah*we chatted all
the way from aobadai to sangenjaya..(plus the train was not the
express ones!!)bummer!! so then we arrived in sangen jaya and
headed straight to big echo..*~arrived*~ and abg zamir was singing
all alone..*huhuhu*waited for abg sanie and che..and hey!!when they
arrived the party STARTED!!!woo-hoo!!!we sang all..night..long......

we sang and sang..not realizing it was already 5am!!whaaaat?!!!i was
just about to warm up!!*hahah*so then we headed back to abg zamir's
crib..and continued our sched with watching "the miss call" it was
a japanese movie..pretty scarry..(managed to make me jumped a couple
of times...) and che was tired so he decided to sleep tho..we watched the
movie until 7.30 am...but u know wat?!! we dont even understand the
story line!! wat the h***..~* wasted my 2hrs!!too tired to think..we
crashed the bed...

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Saturday, December 18, 2004


well..we were damn crayzee...can u imagine?!!we were soo..bored
dat we decided to go to get something to eat..just because
we were so we went aroun aobadai and do
some window shopping..and suddenly we were like hey!!lets go to

minami machida!! and off we went there and bought ourself some
"individual needs" hahah..more or less like lepas geram je..hahaha

so we lepak there until aroun we decided to go home..feeling
bored as always..(as the time for shopping is UP!!) well..actually
we were left with NO MONEY!!hahah!(^0^)kawaiisoo!!demo..wat
to do..*gags*so..we wallked all the way home and were pretty tired
as h***!!gile tak giler..we spent almost 5000 yen dat day..heheh..
so much of a shopaholic! (maybe me and jana should make a book
on shopaholic goes to japan!..hahah)

so then..we took our shower and all prepared to crash the bed..
doing al the girls necessities..(putting on creams,masks,lotions..
etc...<---so not me!!) we were getting ourselves
to sleep...jana was like "hey..lets tell a story...." so there goes the
two magpies (^_-) talking all the way hoping dat we could drift
ourselves to sleep...(yeah..right!!) cellphone

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Friday, December 17, 2004

so i wrote crap..hahah..ok..well..i got this volunteer work
at a was fun!!first thing in the morning me and
jana was late..coz we woke up late dat we
meet up chiba-san and andrew at the eki..on the way there..
i was so..damn nervous..thinking of how am i supposed to
talk to them..?i cant speak japanese!!!every words chiba
said in the train seems to be like a mumble-jumble rojak!!
goin in and out of my ears..(^0^)got butterflies in my
stomach..pretty much..i was horrified!

after jumping from a station to another..then i saw this huge
elementary school standing at the side of the road and there
were loads..and loads of kids!!shouting and screaming..i was
scared..(+__+)im gonna die!!!and when the kids saw andrew
from far..they were shouting "HELLO,HI,WELCOME!!"..gosh!
was he famous!(^__-)

so when we get in..everything was soo...real!!i was in a THE
school!!wat shocked me most was a boy greeted me in malay
"selamat petang"(although it was morning..)i was shocked!!they
are sooo..adorable!!so the day starts with separating us into
3 groups and i got this 4-1 was ...GREAT!!!i greeted
them and taught them to speak malay..and they we tremendous!!
we had a great time..i let them wore my baju kurung..they are
soo..cute!!i just can't resist it when they asked me questions in
japanese..i was JAPANESE!!not believing...
HELLO?!!(^__^)and i was like the other half..well..after that..
we went down stairs and all the kids let me had my drinks and
suddenly a couple of boys and gals came and invited me "zaireen
-san..issyoni tabemasyo..." and andrew,jana,saiful and monica
sensei was like.."just zaireen-san?!!"..(^__^)i was excited!!
they are soo...cute!!it was really fun..we ate the lunch together
and these kids are soo..adorables with loads of question..
"zaireen-san wat is like to be in japan? it the same
thing they played while they are in school..?how was
school?why do you wear these weird hat?(MY TUDUNG!!)"

(which is everything in japanese..)and there's this boy..kept
on asking me weird questions which i never get to answer back..
but hey!!i had a great time..they treat me like ONE OF THEM..
it was great.later i feel like i dont wanna go home..*gags*

but yupe!!cest la the end..i took pictures with them..
look at them...they are sooo..adorable!!(^3^)

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

it had been such a tiring weekends..had a great time last
saturday..went to yokohama to meet up k.mim and k.nisa..
wahh!!!went to torihama which is HEAVEN for me!!!
bought myself a nike watch!!sugei!!love it so000oo..much!!
*gags*well..went shopping with k.mimi while waiting for
k.nisa to call us..she's all the way from ohio..came to
japan for transit..ans sleepover at k.mimi's crib..

went to those crazy people in japan go..yupe!to all those
picture stickers stalls..hahah!!went wild and took these
kawaii picture (although i can tell that i was not DAT
cute..)hahah!so later on..i was freaking tired..and decided
to sleep while k.nisa had already crashed the bed..while
k.mimi plak..she went to hery's room and cooked some nabe..
oishii!!!!and hahaha..didnt know dat the nabe was sour..ate
a lot..and the next hour..'digested'!!!hahahaha..*smells* later on the next day meet up k.farah to go to
k.pah's was a huge HOUZE!!!!in saitama..huhuhu..

well..we had nasi tomato and asam!k.farah's ayam
percik!!yum2..had a great time there..eating..and eating and
eating..hehehe..(now i know where i got all the baby fats..)
*gags*so..later on we went to che'S house..just for a look..
it wasnt dta bad after all..after a loooong tiring day..

headed back to aobadai..~*it was a great weekend*~(^__-)

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

i woke up this morning in tears..i dunno why..?but i
think i dreamt of my mum last nite...well i was soo..
f***ing tired so..probably i had a bad dreams..i dunno
why i cried..coz i barely remember any of i bet
it was a sad one coz i recalled crying but for no
reasons though..*gags*

anyway..i had my judo class last monday..and it was sugei!!
it was fun and hillarious though..coz i was the one who'd
been slammed by was kinda cool coz i can lift jana
who is much..much taller than me..and was great..
but the NOT best part is that the next whole body
ached!!and the next day i was walking like an obasang!!!
(^__-)hahaha..well...then yesterday..we went to kamakura..
it was fun!!went with all the K-STEP student..and yupe!!
had a great time there!!bought myself a satsuke keychain..
and bought bells keychain at daibutsu for me,mama and
kakak although i've been there before..once with takeshi
and kuniko..its was fun to go woth yuka and all...yuka is
unpredictably funny..besides being the one in charge of
us..she's more like..ONE OF US..hahahahaha..well..sums
up..we had a great time..(^___^)yatta!!

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Monday, December 06, 2004

1.what made you happy this week ?
+ taking care of iman(*^__^*)

2.what made you sad this week?
+ emotion stirs

3.are you contented with your life?
+ yes

4.has someone/somebody make u happy lately?
+ yes. a whole lotta times

5.what do you plan to do to him/her?
+ to DO to him/her? ummm..bear hug?(^__-) are you feeling at the moment?
+ quesy (?__?)

7.what/who made you feel that way?
+ too much food *gags*

8.are you the type of person who easily gets hurt?
+ yepedoo..but im hanging on..

9. do you cry?
+ kah kah. does a human cry?

10.have you ever been to a point in your life that
you can say you got lost?

+ yes. being stupid makes me lost *LOL*

11. the last movie you watched?
+ the texas chainsaw ~*kowaiii!!!

12. with who?
+ jana..while babysitting iman..

13. the last song you heard?
+ iman singing ~*hatty bufday to mummy*~

14. the last thing you bought?
+ my handphone in japan!!

15. the last place you went?
+ kak farah house..hahaha its a routine!(^__^)

16. the last food you ate ?
+ asam pedas,ayam kunyit and telur bungkus..yum2..

17. the last thing you heard from your parents?
+ mama: nak apa2 hantar email..*gags*

18. the last thing you said to your parents?
+ bila mama nak datang sini?(>__<)

19. the last thing you said to one of your friends?
+ in love..?

20. the last thing you read?
+ rave

21. the last person you called?
+ mama; bila nak datang sini..?

22. the last person who called you?
+ er...zaimi?(*^__^*)

23. the last person you texted?
+ my daddy-suki

24. the last person who texted you?
+ daddy-suki

25. the last person who said you're

+ nobody..hahaha

26. the last person who gave you a testimonial?
+ ummmm... jana..(being sarcastic)

27. the last person who messaged you? in msn?
+ abg zamir...

28. the last person you're with?
+ urgh!! jana..jana..jana...hahahaha

29. the last person you kissed goodnyt?
+ totoro o(^-^)o

30. the last person you kissed goodbye?
+ iman!!mmuahss!!

31. the last person you think of before goin to


32. the last thing to do before goin to

+ check my handphone for goodnite message (none!!!)*gags*

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

well..well..its been a while now..went to hakone last
weekend and it was sugoi....kerei!!!it was damn fun!!
we went there by car..konvoi beramai2...and then went
past all those koyo!!and *gasp* we bypast the fujisan!!
totemo....KIREI!!!!!(^0^)i was totally captivated!!

well..we went to stay at lake annex resort( i think so
la..)and then we booked 2 was kinda cool
coz the cottage got this rooms and we could actually
have our own later on that nite..everyone went
to the and jana didnt feel like going
to the we missed the 'best' part..but well..
there's always another time..rite?(^_-)

so..we cooked ramai2..and it was great!!we cooked nasi tomato,
kurma telur and kari sardin!!
its kinda weird though
but hell yeah!!it was delicious!!!coz its cold uphill..
so pretty much of balun anything la..

so then later that nite..we all main was hillarious!!
che was undeniably funny!!i was wanpaku dat nite..but hehe..
we stayed up until almost 2am ..and everyone started to get
drowsy and all..and decided to stop..well..the next day was!!!its the last day though..but we had so much
fun!!the group splited into 2 groups..and one went to the ferry
ride..and the other one went for a cable car ride..subarashi!!!

although gayat..tak terasa sangat coz ramai2 naik dat cable car..
n then went up the hill!!!sugei kirei!!saw the lake from top
well actually u can see the mount fuji but it was cloudy dat was freaking cold up there..and jana,me,abg zamir,abg
sanie and che went wild and we just er..went wild!!!heheheh...

so..later on..dah penat ramai2..we decided to head back home..
it was a fun weekend..although its tiring..but hey!i got a totoro!
kawaii soo!!(^__^)

hakone here!!

this is us having a blast!!look at me..poyo!!(^__-)

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