Saturday, November 13, 2004

well..i guess today's already 13th of November..eid is just
about..TOMORROW!!wahaha..(-0-)i chatted wif apoo just now.
and it was eid's eve in ENGLAND!!how unfair is dat?!!(+_+).
as I was looking back..remembering the moment i saw
pictures in the newspapers..sending wishes and asking for
forgiveness from far was far too much for me.what were they
thinking?!!what's a big deal..being far from your family?u
can just call..right...?(+_+) EKKK!!~NOT RIGHT!!~ i know how it everyday i browse the
utusan online..i will read allll..the wishes they sent and
pictures..with nice baju kurung and melayu..gawd!how i miss
my home SO MUCH!!well..pretty much im gonna miss
the loooong journey back to kelantan..loooonngg 8 hours on
bumpy and winding roads..but i would say..i prefer to go
THAT way than being here(just for the mean time ..*gags*)

well..i would of coz! miss doing the 'asking for forgiveness'
part.where all of us will dressed up in baju kurung and baju
and lining up(well there's only 4 of us;my siblings,
so the queue was not dat long..(^_-))in front of our parents and
kneeled down and clasped their hands,asking for forgiveness..
well..i would say dat although during those years i wasnt looking
right in their eyes..feeling the pure guilt while begging for i want them to hurriedly give me my 'angpow' but
then..looking back..i then realized..

it was the signifacant of eid.where it IS the day where you go aroun,
visiting your siblingsr,relatives and friends..begging for forgiveness
for all the wrong doings you've done for the past few might
do it on any given days..but on EID things were much more sincere..pure..
how important it was to actually feel the sincerity while asking for you would tightly clasped their hand in yours,look in
their eyes and said 'im sorry..body and soul'...

well..its almost 4.13am here..looking back all those years..
realizing that this year won't be the same as before..
how i wish i could celebrate the eid with my family...(+_+)

~*miSsiNg hOmE..baDLy~*

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