Friday, November 05, 2004

fewh!!it was a great weekends!!hahah..pretty much of a wakagi here we are..having the helluva part of life in
japan..(^0^)hahaha..been busy with stuffs and all..finally we
got our day off for a week!!sugoi na!!well..since its wakagi..
all the kokugakuin studs got a week off!so me and jana went to
er...everywhere?!!hahaha..yupe!at first we went to shibuya..for
the first day off..the next day we went out to akihabara.well..
been wondering..where the hell did they get all the money?!!(^0^)

well..we actually got our money on the day wut
else?!!SHOPPING,DUDE!!so,yeah..jana bought an mp3 player..kewl!!
and then..hmm..the next day..we just hangout and do nothing..

so on the tuesday..we went to saezeriya(im not sure the spelling
though)with k.farah,abg pian and iman..and we had the greatest
spagetti there!wahahahah..its been a while since i could eat
spagetti and pizza!so then..the next day..we went to komagome..
visited k.hanim.and there's loads of people there!!there's like
every person k.farah'd mentioned before..and of coz!!had a blast
there..we 'buka puasa' together and then just asobu..hehehe..
it was great!(^__^)

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