Monday, November 08, 2004

kewl2..i went to sleepover at my foster family's house on saturday
in azamino..and it was damn fun!! touched!coz they
together go 'sahur' with me..and they even 'puasa' when we went to
kamakura the next day.i experienced taking was
more or less like a bath tub.but just dat its hot,
nothing much.spent the night watching dvd with kuniko-san.we
watched 'koneko'.stands for anak was not THAT
sad..but kuniko-san cried!!hahah..pity her.she's sooo..soft hearted.
well,that's my mum!(^__^)

so the next day we went to kamakura!!it was STUPENDOUS!!but too bad
the koyu hasnt started i couldnt watch the leaves turning
into red..and yupe!!the rest was fun!!but tiring..hehe..

well,later on i met jana,saiful and abang sani to go to the embassy
of malaysia for buka was no doubt fun!!coz i met malaysian!!
woo-hoo!!we all buka puasa and solat terawikh together.and of coz
atode..EAT..EAT..EAT!!!yum2..and of eyes 'eat' too!!heheh..
there's dis cute chineselooking guy..(~__-)ngee..mate sepet tak
tahan..huhuhu..too bad jimi wasnt there..even on raya i cant meet
him..coz he got test..but hey!!can't wait for raya!!another week to
go!!~selamat..hari raya..kepada saudara serta saudari..setahun..hanya
sekali...dapat tengok mamat2 cun raya in..~ *gags* huhuhuhuhu...


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